5 Criteria decisions for a recruiter that you might not know


Finding a job and nailing the hiring process can be stressful to many people – but it’s nothing that you can’t solve with some of these recruiter’s tips. In the article, we are going to be discussing the criteria that the recruiter has set up in order to help with the decision-making and the hiring process. We have also dropped tips on how to present yourself as the right candidate for the job that you’re applying for. 

If you want to know more about the criteria, keep reading ahead! 

Growth Mindset is important 

During the hiring process, a recruiter is looking for an employee who has a growth mindset. It’s important to have a positive attitude while working in order to solve problems. A can-do attitude is advantageous! With a growth mindset, the employee will see new ways to go about the existing problems, knowing that they will learn something in the process. This skill is beneficial to both the team and the employee, to help the employee learn and grow with their job. 


Present Your Creativity 

Another simple tip is to initiate your creativity. Hirers are often looking for joiners to help them grow the team, be it in numbers or in creativity. It is always refreshing to hear new ideas, especially from new people. 

A recruiter’s tip is to show your creativity and initiate new ideas for the team, or even new ways to work efficiently. This will help keep the ideas alive and growing for everyone in the team. During the hiring and the interviewing process, the candidate can always bring up past projects from the previous company to showcase! 

Be Eager for your own Career Growth 

Another important factor to consider is whether the candidate is eager to grow in their career or not. Some people only complete what they were tasked with but the recruiters are looking for a candidate who is eager to grow with the company. 

“Active employee” is a term used to describe these types of candidates – the ones that are always looking to find new ideas with the ability to work without having to be monitored. It is also important to explore new tools, trends and knowledge outside of work that could easily fit with the field of work.  

Know How and Where to find Answers 

You don’t have to know everything in the world to be the right candidate for the job you’re applying for, but what a recruiter needs is a candidate who knows how and where to find the right answers. In this day and age, the competition is high and it’s important to keep yourself updated, to learn new things in order to unlock new skills and opportunities. 

If you are the type of person that works smart and knows where and how to find solutions to your problems, you might just be the right candidate for the recruiters! 

So… how to present yourself during the hiring process? 


  1. Be Confident 

Confidence goes a long way, especially with the way you talk and carry yourself. It is impressive for the RC’s if you answer your questions with confidence and truthfully. Sometimes, beautifully crafted answers can seem too good to be true, because they often are. Sugarcoating your words may earn you a spot in a job that does not fit you entirely. 

Aside from confidence, eloquence is also crucial. Don’t be shy during the interview, and don’t just give short answers when asked. The candidate should speak clearly enough but also leave the room for the recruiters to ask questions. 

A small tip: it wouldn’t sit right with the recruiter if the candidate were to speak too negatively of the problems they faced. This shows that the candidate may not have the brightest outlook in workplaces. 


  1. Learn about the Company 

It helps to go into the interview with a clear understanding of what the company you’re applying for actually does. This shows that you have researched the company prior to the interviews. Researching also will help the candidates understand the tasks that they might be responsible for and helps them decide whether or not it is the right fit for them. 

This step is incredibly important, since it can make or break the hiring process. The candidate should know what kind of job they have signed up for. The worst thing a candidate can do is to answer “I don’t know” when asked questions about the job or the company. 


  1. Present your Past Works 

Showcase your ability to work by presenting past projects or experiences. For example, you can always share with the recruiters how you overcame a stressful deadline or helped the team solve a problem. Feel free to explain further what you did to help the workflow go by smoothly. This shows the recruiters that you are able to overcome difficult tasks and finish assigned projects on time.  

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