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Due to the Pandemic, many industries have made adjustments to find solutions to keep their businesses moving. Believe it or not, work from home extensions can become one of the valuable opportunities for the real estate market. Some companies have set a hybrid work-from-home model for their workforce, thus renting a place close by to their workplace can be more convenient for employees, yet, it can still be a good choice for people who need to stay close to their family and relatives. Accordingly, RentSpree, a rental software company from the USA, is structured to provide a solution to support people’s needs for renting.

 In July 2021, RentSpree became the fastest-growing rental transaction software company, which it closed ฿250 million in Series A funding has led by 645 Ventures. Nowadays, RentSpree participates with new investors such as Green Visor Capital and Vesta Ventures in the funding round.

Who is RentSpree?

RentSpree is the fastest-growing rental software company that helps the rental flow processes founded in the USA in 2016. Connecting renters and house owners or landlords via an all-in-one rental application with the principal purposes of pioneering in the USA a new rental process that builds meaningful relationships and empowers people in their real estate journeys. This includes creating a new global standard for Rentals that enhances people’s lives.

Moreover, RentSpree increases its revenue at least by double every year. Its ambition for business growth is unstoppable. Everyone at RentSpree can cultivate work experiences and achieve their pursued achievements in their career path by company support and consultation. For instance, high salary rates, training courses, or even the opportunity to build on your career path.  

RentSpree Core Values 

To have everyone healthy work-life, RentSpree has encouraged employees with four core values to build a strong team to accomplish goals together. 

  • Collaboration: their vision cannot be achieved by a single person or team. Everyone must work together and trust each other.
  • Impact: the processes are just a guide, not a law. Everyone displays possibilities, though, they are not bound by them. What matters most is the impact everyone makes on customers and how a team disrupts the world.
  • Innovative: a team must go beyond what is typical or expected. To create a new future is to lead.
  • Integrity: RentSpree’s team is made up of exceptional individuals who inspire each other and work devotedly toward a common goal.

Life at RentSpree

In the RentSpree team, everyone will attend to work as ‘Cross-Functional’ with an ownership mindset so that everyone can design a work style for themselves. Still, a team has to hold a company’s core values by using tools to help collaborative management, emerge everyone’s visibility, and recognise each other.

  • Responsibility: each team will be responsible for its assignments by the individual or in collaboration.  
  • Autonomy: one team must operate and deliver the product by itself from the beginning till the end.
  • Self-Management: encourage everyone a sense of ownership to manage their work style. Hearten a team to be confident in making a decision and testing so everyone can perform faster.
  • Challenge & Improvement: a team consists of excellent colleagues, so it’s a chance to learn and improve from them. In this way, everyone can have more fun, be more challenging, and be more agile.

Speaking of lifestyle in RentSpree, Chakrik Thaviyonchai (Product Manager) and Arnan Yodpinit (Engineering Manager) from a Thailand team added that the challenging lifestyle in RentSpree is cross-countries work progress. The workforce has to manage collaboratively to work overseas in different time zones. Thus, all teams need to find out the solution to flow the work altogether. 

  • Asynchronous: no one works alone, everyone works together. The production team will work asynchronously which provides them with the flexibility to switch between tasks. 
  • Flexible Work Hour: they have provided a team with flexible work hours to manage proficiently working with overseas teams.
  • Agile: RentSpree Thailand has already placed the aligned framework for everyone to follow easily to prevent obstacles to workflow.

What are the job functions in RentSpree Thailand?

Recently, RentSpree is intensively looking for talented candidates to join a team in Thailand, especially to join a product team. In general, RentSpree’s product team works as a squad that consists of up to 8 people. Let’s take a look at their job functions and the ideal candidates;

  • Engineering Manager: to lead and manage the team overall.   
  • Product Designer: working closely with Software Engineer to deliver all assignments and achieve goals and objectives include research about user experiences and fixing the direction of the user journey. 
  • Full-Stack Developer: mainly conducting coding in both front-end and back-end. 
  • Product Manager: to analyse performance and monitor data analysis to build on better performance. 

How’s the work environment in the RentSpree Thailand team?

For the work environment in the RentSpree Thailand team, ‘people’ is a priority. They believe that having happiness at work helps bring the best team performance. Plus, enhancing a positive environment will inspire their ideas for work and also encourage;

  • Open-minded
  • Flexible
  • Lively and sociable
  • Respectful
  • Positive
  • Relaxed

Why should you work at RentSpree?

Attention to detail, we don’t want you to miss a thing, typically an opportunity to get a great job in a leading company with outstanding benefits. Moreover, you can cultivate experiences to shape your career path. 


    • Higher salary rate (based on the average salary in the same line in the labour market)
    • ESOP (Employee Stock Option) 

Perks & Benefits 

    • Flexible work hours
    • Fully training courses 
    • Perks provided during remote work period (work from home)
    • Free lunch every Tuesday
    • Relaxed zone (board game zone, karaoke, comics zone, etc.)
    • Free snacks, drinks, and breakfast
    • 1-Month Exchange Program in the USA (free campaign for employees to work at HQ, USA)
    • Internal English training for all employees

Career Growth

    • Performance Evaluation (twice per year)
    • Career growth discussion
    • Challenging Projects

How is the recruitment process?

In case you are interested in applying for a job at RentSpree, their recruitment process is commonly standard as many organisations.

Apply: After they have received the application, they will pre-screen CV’s candidates. 

Assessment: They will contact the candidate to have conversations about technical skills and cultural fit. 

Interviews: the HR team will forward your application to the Hiring Manager to make an appointment to interview. 

Offer: all the recruitment processes will be finalised within two weeks.

HIRING NOW! All open positions

RentSpree is constantly moving forward to the future of the software development industry. Join them to crave the accomplishments together now. Here are available positions for you;

Software Engineering

  • Software Engineering
  • Head of Solution Architect
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer – Fresh Graduate
  • Vice President of Engineering

Product Design

  • Head of Design (UX/UI)
  • Product Designer (UX/UI Designer)
  • Senior Product Designer
  • UX/UI Design Manager
  • Competitive Salary 

Find job opportunities on Job Opportunities in Thailand | Getlinks

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