Full stack developer


This is the most wanted job now, especially the developers who can do “Node.js” and “react.js”. Full stack developer is getting more and more popular since hiring one full stack developer is like hiring both front-end and back-end developer. The numbers of full-stack developers in Thailand is still very low compared to the needs for this position in the market.

Average salary (per month)
Junior level 25,850 HKD
Mid level 36,700 HKD
Senior level 64,260 HKD
QA test engineer


QA (Quality Assurance) test engineer with the capability of automated software to test the system is in high demand. If any company wants to test its system repeatedly over a long period of time, a test engineer with automated software skill is in dire need.

Average salary (per month)
Junior level 25,850 HKD
Mid level 40,000 HKD
Senior level 55,550 HKD


This job has quickly become popular in the past few years. It is considered as a significant role since DevOps engineer responsible to make development team and operation team work together smoothly and effectively.

Average salary (per month)
Junior level 55,000 HKD
Mid level 77,900 HKD
Senior level 91,700 HKD
Data Scien


More and more companies are now using big data and manage raw data they can access, the more advantages they will have over other players. Data scientist is the one who analyses that big data and converts it into potential data which companies can use in the strategic planning process.

Average salary (per month)
Junior level 44,000 HKD
Mid level 91,670 HKD
Senior level 137,500 HKD
Mobile App


Mobile application developers responsible to analyse the designs and develop an application for mobile platforms. This position is in demand because the growth for mobile app is growing incredibly fast as the world is moving from desktop to mobile. It is the main channel for almost all kinds of media now.

Average salary (per month)
Junior level 26,000 HKD
Mid level 36,700 HKD
Senior level 64,000 HKD