4 hottest industries in Vietnam in 2019

In 2019, Vietnam is expected to witness many groundbreaking transformations in every sector of the economy.

Have you planned your next career move yet?

GetLinks Vietnam has collected 4 hottest industries to help you find your dream job.

Full stack developer


According to SSI, profit of financial services in the first quarter of 2018 has increased by 89%, that’s 3 times higher than the same period in 2017.

With its high GDP growth, the Vietnamese Fintech market is booming. Foreign investors are coming in, new projects and startups pop up every day. Thus, the demand for high-quality labor, particularly data scientists and engineers will continue to increase.

Are you into Big data, Analytics and Fintech? You’ll be an ideal candidate for the hottest jobs in the industry.

Total digital payments in Vietnam
2017: 5,910 Million USD
2019: 8,524 Million USD
2021: 11,137 Million USD
2023: 13,746 Million USD
QA test engineer


With market growth of up to 22% per year, the e-commerce market in Vietnam could reach USD 10 billion by the end of 2020.

There are currently over 100 e-commerce startups & companies in Vietnam searching for data scientists, software engineers, and system app developers. They are, indeed, looking for talents that can help grow their digital capabilities.

Talents have a chance to increase their salary by 20 – 25% by switching within the same or similar jobs in the industry. Excited? Dive into the world of e-commerce today!

Top in-demand positions: Data Engineer, Software Developer

Revenue of E-commerce sector in Vietnam
2017: 1,954 Million USD
2019: 2,709 Million USD
2021: 3,856 Million USD
2023: 4,537 Million USD


One of the most dynamic and fast-growing industries in Vietnam – Fitness & Wellness. According to Q&Me, at the age group 18-39 in Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi, 80% of men and 73% of women go or have interests in going to the gym.

With the number of start-ups driving demand for senior tech roles and the talent shortage for positions like data scientists and UI/UX developers, companies in the fitness & wellness are open to expanding their search beyond Vietnam and hiring IT professionals from other countries.

Revenue of Fitness & Wellness industry in Vietnam
2016: 54.4 Million USD
2017: 65.3 Million USD
2018: 78.3 Million USD
2019: 94 Million USD
Data Scien


Digital advertising revenue in Vietnam is estimated at 663 million USD, ranking 35th in the world with a major market share in social media advertising tools (about 557 million USD).

Most people don’t associate the media industry with technology. However, media businesses rely heavily on cutting-edge tech across all platforms, from publishing to digital advertising. Apps, websites and CRM systems keep today’s media companies afloat. Only with the help of technology advertisers can deliver engaging, interactive media content to the right audience. From simple apps to complicated AR experiences, tech talents have become increasingly needed in the media world.

Most in-demand positions: Ruby on Rails Developers, Front-End Developers

Advertising spendings in Vietnam, on all Media
2012: 720 Million USD
2014: 990 Million USD
2016: 1,230 Million USD
2018: 1,470 Million USD