The Secret to Writing Great Resume from RC

It’s really hard to write a resume to attract RC. Isn’t it? Worry not, we’re here with best secret tips on how to write a resume that will turn people’s heads, ones that you might have not heard of before and the right things to add to your resume! Read ahead to find mistakes that you may not be aware of making while crafting your resume and other significant items that you can add to impress.  

When an organization needs to hire someone, they will look for a candidate who meets all their requirements. So, a resume is the best representative.

The Simple Things You Might Have Overlooked

    • Your information 

Write your name, contacts, address, and education clearly and complete all your information. Furthermore, don’t forget to check your information to make sure everything is correct with no errors. 

    • Avoiding writing in bullet points

Writing in bullet points is not clear enough. Your information needs to be clarified for recruiters to see your potential and your past experiences.

    • Create impressive profile descriptions

Fill in your profile with descriptions, perhaps in a short paragraph, to describe your personality and your other skills – such soft skills are productivity or being an active learner. 

    • Your profile picture

Your profile picture should be professionally-taken and clearly show what you look like. You should also be wearing professional or business casual attire. Use a front-facing professional portrait, and don’t use a selfie! 

    • Hard skills 

Don’t forget the hard skills because most recruiters will focus on those related to the role you’re applying for. 

Common Mistakes You Might Have Made 

    • Spelling

Check your resume carefully – you might have misspelled some words. This could hurt your chances because this shows that you are not detail-oriented. 

    • Stating all of your work

We all want to make our profiles look good by stating all past experiences, workplaces and skills, but remember that you only need to put in the information that is relevant to the role you’re applying for. This mistake sometimes makes your resume look unattractive.

    • Write only the title and no detail

You have to explain about your work experience details and what your responsibilities were to clarify to the recruiter what you did.

    • Progress bar

The most common mistake is writing the skill in the progress bar, which makes it unclear how good of a skill you have. You have to use words or sentences like Excellent, Intermediate, or Beginner, and provide any skills or abilities that stand out and are relevant to the position you’re applying for.

Things You Should Have on Your Resume

    • Skills and experiences related to the jobs you are applying for.

Skills and experiences are vital, as you are aware. Employers are more likely to notice these things in your resume if they are related to the job you are looking for. You have earned your position, since you have both the knowledge and the experience.

    • Elaborate only the skills for the specific jobs

You have to elaborate only on the skills that will make you a great candidate for specific jobs that you are applying for.

    • Short and straight to the point 

Try not to put too much information, make it short and straight to the point.


In conclusion, you need to write your resume to stand out, add relevant abilities and skills, and your profile, including experiences. Take the tips and avoid the mistakes to create an impressive resume! 

Don’t forget to make an impact on your resume by providing concrete examples of how your actions have had a positive impact on previous employers. When recruiters look at your resume, they consider how your experiences correspond to what you’d do for them as a company if hired. Furthermore, keep it professional. If you are creative and want to add creativity to your resume, you can do so. However, I recommend that you do so in your portfolio rather than on your resume because it may affect and make your resume look unprofessional. And make sure to review your resume before submitting them. Rechecking is always important! 

Therefore, if you want to find the tools to make your resume look professional and impactful, don’t forget to try GetLinks Job Board. We provide your help and the RC that will give you recommendations to help make your resume stand out. 

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