7 Tools For Effectively Managing Remote Teams

The move towards remote work has been sped up largely due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and it’s got us thinking about the best tools on the market right now to help companies and employees to continue to work well together online.

If you are a manager who is worried about the transition to remote work, don’t worry. Technology has given us many tools to automate virtually every work process, some of which you may already be using. Let’s take a look at a list of tools that remote teams can utilise to increase work efficiency and effectiveness and make remote work easier for your team.

Tool for Task Management & Team Collaboration:

1. Winio

This simple but highly effective task management and team collaboration software is for teams of any size and helps users to manage their documents, tasks and discussions in a single platform.

Make your team more accountable for their tasks by specifying responsibilities for each project member. Managers and team leads will appreciate the visibility that Winio provides. View the tasks that are being worked on at a glance – which ones take priority, deadlines, milestones, who is working on what, and more.

Secure Communication Between Organisations:

2. Slack Connect

Slack is well-known as one of the leading tools for internal chat, helping teams to communicate with each other instantly. CEO Stewart Butterfield recently noted that the service sees up to 65 million messages sent each second at peak times!

The newly announced Slack Connect is a secure communications environment that lets you move all the conversations with your external partners, clients, vendors and others into Slack, replacing email and taking business collaboration to the next level, whilst maintaining the highest security compliances.

This tool is one to watch and could reduce email usage even further. Email is extremely susceptible to security threats to an organization, with business email scams, data breaches from phishing leading to $12 billion in losses over the past years. If Slack Connect can let many organisations chat amongst themselves, perhaps fewer emails will be needed to keep different companies in sync.

Software for Project Management:

3. ProofHub

Use management software for your projects if you want your workload to be sorted out. This way you can get all your tasks and files simplified and organized. With ProofHub, searching for files, teammates, events, and discussions becomes easy.

Also, ProofHub can effectively help your team create a streamlined workflow that they will have no trouble following. Because of the customizable nature of this tool, your telecommuting team will have a great time adjusting and staying on the same page.

Experts recommend using a project and task management platform so that you can easily communicate with your team, mark deadlines, set milestones, and share goals.

File Storage And Submission Software:

4. ShareFile

Only with the help of a storage and delivery tool, you will be able to take reviews on your performance and take feedback on the files or documents you submit. With ShareFile, you can provide and also limit access to certain people to view your document with the click of a button.

This software will help you sync your work with the whole team and share documents with the utmost ease. Keep tabs on the performance and accountability of your team with the most integrated software for file storage and organization. ShareFile also helps you record changes and document reviews.

Tools For Regular Reporting:

5. Zoho Analytics

Every remote team needs a way to maintain accountability. The only way to show regularity is to report what you are doing to your superiors for the documentation of your everyday work. Zoho Analytics comes with an array of functions as it helps you design dashboards, organize reports, and data warehousing.

This software will help you design reports that will give you insights into the progress of the project. These reports are open to being viewed by anyone in your team. It allows you to work with extensive details and create custom reports. Collaboration becomes easier when everyone is up to date with all the information.

A Software For Bug Report Management:

6. zipBoard

zipBoard is a software platform for collaboration between clients, design teams, developers and content creators. It will act as the one tool you will need to document potential changes, feedback and reviews on your work from multiple people in your team.

Apart from that, it is an excellent platform to give out and create bug reports and also have them reviewed. Another way by which this tool will help you save the valuable resource of time is by providing you markup and annotation features so that you have no trouble in getting your point across.

Calculate Employee Engagement:

7. Hyphen

As a reliable tool for employee engagement, Hyphen has been a pioneer product for the human resources department for years now. It is a great tool that helps you get insights into your employees’ participation.

Hyphen works by providing analytics through conducting surveys and polls. It also helps you narrow down your employee engagement statistics to categories and departments. Hyphen is a software that helps you act on the lulls by suggesting team-building exercises for your employees to keep them motivated. 

To Sum It Up

In times of adversity, you might feel that you are fighting for a lost cause. With the right tools and software platforms, you can rely on an automated system to store, organize, deliver, and communicate. I hope my article gave you all the knowledge of the tools you could be using to improve the way you work through this pandemic.


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About the Author: Nandini Sharma
Assistant Marketing Manager at ProofHub
A leading project management software. With years of experience in marketing, she has found some amazing ways to reach a large audience and create a connection. She also loves doing art and craft and trying her hands-on creative handmade cards & gifts.


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