Modern Candidate: Efficiently Land Your Dream Job in The Most Effortless Way

One candidate’s career – beginning with a job search, to the application, to securing a position, then finally starting work whilst exploring new opportunities up until retirement – this process has always been deemed difficult from the past to the present day. Today, however, the simplest and most powerful tools for the modern candidate are within reach.

A Long Hunt to a Simple Search

A throwback to the 20th century, each person’s hunt to land their dream job evolved around networking, browsing through newspapers, cold-calling companies, etc. The average person has had to focus on utilizing their existing skills to find a job that fits, regardless of sector or company.

While these methods still persist today, the revolutionary ‘search’ has come a long way. Modern tools now allow us to view the entire landscape, and therefore, beyond our skills, many of us now know the sector we want to work in and even the company we aspire to join.

A Tedious Application Process to a Quick Submission

For many of us, if our parents did not work with our grandparents, we most likely would have had to find our own path, meaning that we will have to go through the same, old-fashioned routine of dropping off a physical resume at a company we wish to work for and wait anxiously for contact.

Our generation, however, can submit our profiles online to a recruitment agency or the company directly. We’re able to call or email to follow up and find out our chances of acceptance in an instant.

Physical Paperwork to Online Contracts

Once accepted, a candidate would have had to schedule a visit to the company to fill out all the required paperwork and sign the contract. As such, candidates back then had little negotiation power, in fact, negotiations were off the table, especially if it was the candidate’s first job. They were simply there to sign the agreement and to start working as soon as possible.

Contract execution is one of the simplest processes for the modern candidate, with many companies now adopting e-contracts and accepting soft documents, paving the way and time for required discussions and a much warmer orientation.

No More Redos, Just Keep the Profile Updated

Back in the days, if the candidate did not stand out with strong publicity, it was highly unlikely that another company would reach out to them out of the blue. Thus, if the candidate wanted a new job, they would have to restart the entire job search process all over again.

Candidates today do not have to be fully reliant on strong publicity (and luck)! They keep their profiles and statuses updated online with their recruiters and they get contacted now and then to see whether any interesting jobs are available. Essentially having opportunities present themselves.

The Modern Candidate

Today, a recruitment agency is considered one of the most powerful tools for a person’s career regardless of which stage they may be in. An up-to-date profile with GetLinks could be one of the most effortless while the most effective way of landing your dream job, while Beam simplifies this process even further by allowing candidates to submit their resumes or update their job search status through Beam’s app. The road to being a modern candidate is simple and free.


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