4 hottest startup
industries in 2019

Every year thousands of startups pop up across different industries. The list of the markets that are most likely to take off is constantly being revised, thanks to the technological advancements. These constant changes are often misleading. To make sure you enter the right sector, we’ve gathered data on the hottest industries you need to consider in 2019.

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An emerging of 3G/4G technology is the key that drives this industry to be the hottest industry in 2019 since 3g/4g makes smartphones more practical to replace computer in everyday life. Nowadays, smartphones can do almost everything a computer can do, and it is much more convenient and accessible for everyone.

Why it’s hot: smartphone has become a part of Thai society already. We use smartphones to socialize, work, listen to musics, play games, or even watch a movie.

Smartphone data used every year in Thailand
2014: 506 Million GB
2015: 1,016 Million GB
2016: 1,758 Million GB
2017: 3,294 Million GB
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Ten years ago shopping everything online was just like a dream. In 2019, the dreams come true; we can do grocery online,  buy IT gadget, shop fashion-related products, or even buy food. This industry is getting more and more popular every year as you can see from the statistics below.

Why it’s hot: e-commerce market has the potential to grow not only domestically but also internationally due to the advancement of internet and transportation.

E-commerce market value in Thailand
2015: 2,245 Million Baht
2016: 2,560 Million Baht
2017: 2,812 Million Baht
2018: 3,058 Million Baht


Mintel, the world-leading market research company, revealed that 79% of Thai people want to be healthier and have better nutrition. Delon Wang, a trend manager, also claimed that “due to the growth of income and an expansion of the urban areas, Thai people start to be aware and try to take care of themselves in physical, mental, and emotional terms.”

Why it’s hot: Basically, more and more Thai people acknowledge the importance of self-improvement, and this is a great opportunity for a startup.

Thai people’s Achievement
79% want to have a better nutrition
76% try to have work life balance
73% aim to work out more
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FinTech is a technology created to support financial services and the banking system itself. This actually is not something new; FinTech has been around for a while, (ATM’s and credit cards for example), but this time period is predicted to be the golden era of this industry; technology has developed to the point that it can be practically applied to almost everything. FinTech companies are announcing new products every other month (e-wallet, cryptocurrency, and blockchain),  and this industry will continue to grow.

Why it’s hot: Financial services and banking system is hard-wired into our everyday life.

Value of mobile banking transactions
2012: 440 Billion Baht
2014: 1,364 Billion Baht
2016: 5,361 Billion Baht
2017: 8,999 Billion Baht