Tech Spotlight Recap: Sunday Ins and RIS Central Group

Welcome to GetLinks’ Tech Spotlight Series for “Har Ngarn Hai Nong 2022 (หางานให้น้อง)” University Career Campaign where we will be getting to know all the top tier tech startups of Thailand and their opening positions!

We started our fourth week “Smart Insurance. Born Simple ” With the first full-stack insuretech. Also, we got a new interesting project called PRONEXT 2022 for the new graduates who are looking for a job with RIS Company Limited.

Ep. 8 How can AI be used in Insurance?

Sunday – Smart Insurance. Born Simple.

“The insurance technology group that is on a mission to hit “ctrl-alt-del” on your healthcare, car, travel and generally your entire experience with your insurer.”

Sunday was the first full-stack insurtech group and observed that the insurance market could expand, and the package no longer serves the client as much. So, they adopt data models and technology to offer multiple insurance products and services across the entire customer journey. 

Speakers: Techavit  TantaviBoonWong (Development Director)

He talked about Products and Services by recommending the technologies they use. They design the development system in the Cloud of AWS to be a microsystem for services and use stack tools for development. Sunday has expanded into Indonesia, and they have almost 1,000 employee benefits. 

And he mentioned their Sup App includes all their app in one and on development app to solve problems in the long term is Office Syndrome with recommendation exercise posture that will launch in Q1 or Q2 this year. 

At last, he mentioned the processing of work and the challenge that they are trying to build the system to support their expansion of the company in 3-5 years. 

To know more about the processing and information of the application, tech trends, and useful tips that would be helpful. Check out the video.

Senior Advice

In the next five years, you should know more about the fundamentals of a computer site, including Basic Programming, Data structure, DataBase, and Designing DataBase, and this stuff is significant for the new technology. If you have a strong background in the fundamentals of a computer, you can learn about the new framework and Tech Stack.

Join Sunday Here! 

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • UX/UI Designer 
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • QA Engineer

EP.9 What is PRONEXT 2022? Exclusive Tech Job Opportunities with Central Group

RIS Company Limited – Retail innovation & services

Accelerate Central Group & Business Partners to become New Retail

Serving modern information technology to Central Group, both domestically and internationally, at every level of the organization, whether as a trusted IT & business advisor to top management or as a hands-on coach for front line employees to ensure that they deliver superior value to customers.

Speakers: Kajorn Kanjanawarin (Head of IT Strategy & Products)
                      Gong Achavanuntakul (Head of IT Infrastructure & Services)

They focused on “PRONEXT” and said that this project is opening for new graduates who have talent and passion for Business Retail that serves customer experience in the new generation, innovations that can extend. 

Nowadays, the world is fast-changing, so fresh graduates are essential, and getting different ideas from them or external factors will help continue our business. Therefore, all graduates who are ready to learn new things are welcome. Moreover, when you work on a PRONEXT project, they provide coaching and coursing for learning and seeing the overall processing of the company.

They also mentioned about the Product Development, Product Team, and working style that are very interesting, so don’t forget to check it out!

Senior Advice

The business trends of technology are coming, so they want you to learn about this stuff, like Crypto or Metaverse that relate to Business Retail and can extend. Also, Learning all the time and innovation are essential for their company, and we have to define these things for their business.

Join the RIS Company Limited here!

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