Tips during recruitment process: How to negotiate for the salary you want!

Everyone has a base salary in mind but only some manage to speak out. To do that you need to be brave but to make it work, you need to be smart about it. As you have a base salary in mind, the hirer has a budget they are already set up as well. The question is how to get to the top of the budget level.

You may end up being one of the last candidates they consider but at the very end salary is also one of the important factors to decide which one they want to accept. But before you reach that step, you should have some range of salary in mind. The compensation amount that you will be comfortable with to pursue your own job satisfaction and at the same time, it should be fair for both you and your future company to work with in the long run.

The good news is that many organizations open up for higher salaries to get attention from talented people. Many CFOs even use it as a strategy as they all know people are the power of the company. If your position is in high demand for skills such as developers and digital marketers, sure you have the right to raise the higher salary into the discussion in a reasonable and professional way.

In this article, we will talk about some tricks and tips to negotiate for a higher salary during the recruitment process.

Learn about salary range in your industry

Never go blindly and never do with a guess, it is better to find information either do some background research such as salary report or inquire people who work in the same industry to get an idea. And it is not just about the figures you should search for, you need to understand scope of work and skills for that position as well to find out if that range of compensation and duties are something you can do or have experienced. When the recruitment comes and the HR manager asks you, you have all the answers handy and can respond with reason clearly and professionally. Most importantly, update that figure too.  

Bring it up at the right time

After you have the ideal salary base in mind, you should bring it up at the right time as well because the first impression you try to create for the interviewer is not the salary as a main thing. After you have interviewed and get the feeling that you could be the best fit in this role and you really want to work with this company, then you may bring it up. 

Sometimes you need to have the interview more than once, so try to bring it up as a topic better at the second or third interview. Because if you already make it that far, the company may really want to work with you. At this is a perfect moment that you can bring it out as a topic and have the power to win this bargain.

But be ready, because normally the interviewer is the one who starts to ask what is your offer? Then, you can start the discussion about employee benefits and other compensation. Another note is that, showing them that you are enthusiastic to be a part of the team. They can see it shine through and get the same feeling as you. Then, the salary negotiations will be secondary they are worried about.

Tell the exact figure

Normally, when people get asked about the expected salary, they tell the range of the figures but most of the time you will get the offer with the lowest rate from that range. Alternatively, offer the narrow range or set up the figure base in mind, what is the minimum salary you will accept without ending the path of trying to get this job.

The best is being clear with the exact figure you want. There are many companies that are looking for the same kind of talented candidates. If you miss this one, you can still open the door for other companies. This way you get the job with the compensation you want and not regret later. Afterall, you need to research well enough and can offer that figure with confidence.

Know your own skill

No matter how much of the salary you dream of, you should know yourself if that amount suits your skill and experience or not. You may compare it to your old salary and increase it from there. Some people change the job because to get higher compensation but you should read the qualifications carefully and be clear from the first day if you can work on all the lists of that new job or not. The most important thing is being honest to your hirer, making something up to get the high salary will not take long for them to find out the truth.

These are 4 tips  to negotiate a higher salary during the recruitment process. Start from learning by searching about the salary range in your industry to get an idea, talking about it at the right time during the interview and do not let them feel like it is the only thing you are concerned about, telling the exact figure to be clear and knowing your own skill if it suit to that compensation you dream of.

Sometimes, the company may start the salary base low but they grow over the years quicker. So, there are so many factors you should include for consideration as well. After all, do not forget to look beyond the figure too. Sometimes higher salaries mean more jobs and responsibilities. In the end, after you did many interviews, you may choose the most promising one even if it is not the best salary but best offer overall such as a remote working opportunity that gives you a chance to have work-life balance on your career path. 

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