As A Software Developer, How To Prepare Yourself From CV to Interview!

Software development is one of the best-paying careers in 2022. However, to get a software development job, there are a couple of hurdles that you will have to go over. You first of all need to find a job opportunity on platforms like GetLinks, present to them your CV. If the recruiter appreciates your CV, you will then have to go for one or a couple of interviews before you are given the job. 

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to do to be successful at getting your next software development job. Let’s dive in!

Preparing your CV 

A CV is one of the first things an employer will likely ask for when they advertise a job opportunity. If your CV is not good enough, you automatically won’t get an invitation for the job interview. That is why you need to prepare a convincing CV that will show the recruiter that you are the perfect candidate for the job. 

Tips for preparing a good CV as Software Developer

  • Include the scope of your technical knowledge and skills

As a software developer, one of the main things you will do on a day-to-day basis is writing code. So, you need to specify the programming languages, frameworks, and any other programming tools that you are conversant with. These should be included under the skills and education section of your CV. 

Most recruiters always look at this section before checking out the other parts of your CV, so make sure you include all the relevant programming tools and technologies that you are well conversant with. Some of the programming tools and technologies you can add could include Compilers, linkers, assemblers, disassemblers, load testers, performance analysts, GUI development tools, code editors, and many more. 

  • Only include relevant work history 

One of the most important things that your potential employer would be interested to know is your work history and experience. It is your experience that gives your employer confidence that you will be able to manage the job at hand. Make sure you add only the working experience that is relevant to the kind of job you are applying for. The working experience you include should also be within the last 10 years. 

  • Include the relevant projects you worked on 

For each of the previous job positions you add to your CV, make sure to include the major projects you worked on while in those positions. Don’t forget to add the objective for each project. These will give your potential employer an overview of your capabilities when it comes to getting things done. 

  • Proofread your CV for errors 

Make sure you read through your CV more than once to ensure it doesn’t have any grammar errors. Having grammar errors in your CV could make your employer look at you as someone who doesn’t pay attention to details. So, take time and reread each word and paragraph of your CV to ensure it is error-free. 

Preparing for the interview

If you are among the few that are invited for an interview, make sure you put aside some time to do thorough preparation before showing up. Let me share with you some tips for increasing your chances of succeeding at your next job interview as a software developer. 

  • Have all the information in your CV off-head

Some interviewers love asking candidates about a few details that appear on their CV. So, have facts and information to back up everything you put in your CV. While preparing, take time and go through all the sections and make sure you can answer all the potential questions that your employer might ask. 

  • Prepare for both technical and non-technical questions

As a developer, you may be tempted to only prepare for the technical questions related to the kind of job you applied for. However, most recruiters need more than just your technical skills. They need someone who can adapt to their working conditions, a team player, and generally someone ready to acquire more knowledge to get better. 

  • Learn about the company

Your employer will be pleased if they realize you know a lot about their company. So, before showing up for the interview, check out the various company resources, including their social media pages, websites, and any relevant articles written about them. While answering some of the questions, try to align your answers with the needs of the company. 

Final thoughts

When you apply for your next software development job, start by creating a CV that will stand out from the many that your employer will receive. Add all the necessary information that will make it clear to your employers that you are the best person to take on the job at hand. 

When invited for an interview, take time off to prepare yourself. Research all the potential interview questions you might be asked and figure out how best to answer each of them. Most importantly make sure you show up for the interview in time. If you are searching for a software developer job or any other type job in the tech sector, check out GetLinks; it has multiple opportunities that you could try out. 

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