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With the digital transformation of HR practices, recruitment platforms have been making it easier to reach more job applicants but… 

The question is what happens next? After candidates leave their profile and some HR asking if they are interested in the position or not, that is just it. It is impossible to be able to find the best talent out of all the profiles that were just left there. 

Moreover, Linkedin reported that out of 38 million people in the Thailand labour force, only 1 million users are registered on the platform and are continuously deactivating since they are being chased by shady HR accounts. It would have been better if legitimate HR accounts are matched with the candidates that are actively finding jobs and carry the best-fit traits.

No Worries! Fortunately, GetLinks will be launching a new GetLinks Job Search that will have exceptional updated features that will allow our clients to spend smartly and flexibly to get the best hirings out of every coin spent. With our new AI technology, our clients will be algorithmically recommended with ideal candidates to choose which will not only save time and costs but will also enhance their experience of each step on the Job Board as well.

Let’s get to know GetLinks’ Job Search!

What’s Special about the new GetLinks Job Search?

Rather than just a platform that just provides a place for recruiters to post their job ads, GetLinks will be able to match the best suited talents through our exceptional AI matching. Our search engine has also been powerfully upgraded which will easily let you search and filter the right one for you. Our AI Job board will also analyse the percentage of how well the candidates fit your criteria as well as comparing with other applicants to find the best fit for you. Moreover, for every account, HR managers will be able to manage and review every application that was matched or sent in. 

Key New Features

With our new job search, we are also bringing in new advanced features that will enhance your experience on our platform even more.

Top Features

  • Priority Listing: When companies post their job ads, it can be very hard to stand out from all the postings on several platforms. Through ‘Priority Listings’, your company can be ranked amongst the top five of the search results which will definitely be in the sight of the applicants, leading to higher rate of applications and exposure.

  • Redirect URL For Applications: Even Though candidates can apply through us, our new board will allow companies to embed their own careers pages on their post on our board in the case they do have one. This way, candidates will be led to apply on our clients careers page to increase the chances of the company finding the right tech talent.
  • Profile Download/ Application Download: Companies can unlock the full version of the candidates’ profile and will be able to download their CVs from the applications they got, for further analysis and comparison to consider.

Brand Advertising 

  • Who’s Hiring/ Homepage feature logo: Our new system will give options for companies to feature their logo on our main landing page as well as stating that they are “open for hiring!” to attract more clicks and interests which will lead to higher applications.

Benefits of Using Our New Platform

As mentioned, our self-service model will allow HR departments to easily manage and search for applicants where they can come in and hire from anywhere and anytime to not miss their perfect fit. Companies on the new platform will be guaranteed the best value from all the coins they purchased since our new features will service clients with everything in one stop. With all the features available on our new job board, HR managers will be able to increase exposure through their featured logo as well as priority listings, along with automatic match with the best tech talents that may fit them. 

Corporate branding with GetLinks

In the welcoming of GetLinks’ New Job Board, GetLinks will help clients promote a strong employer branding to attract and retain the best talent. Clients will have a chance to purchase a package that will increase their Social media exposure where GetLinks will be launching an e-Newsletter, a Blog content and a featured video exclusively about the partners to create awareness amongst GetLinks’ followers. As an example, GetLinks have collaborated with Ascend on employer branding before which feature an AscendXGetLinks blog content about their corporate culture and their opening positions and a senior sharing social media post.  

Through this upgrade, we hope we can support companies at our fullest potential to find the best tech talents. Not only to match the perfect fit for companies but GetLinks also hopes to help talents find the perfect fit for their dream job in the midst of this economic situation. If you are interested in joining our new AI Job Search to experience all these exclusive features Register now! Find the Best Tech talents here at GetLinks Job Search| 


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