4 new trends for recruitment that HR should know!

People are an asset to the organization. They can create real value for the organization through their work. If the organization has smart people and puts them at the suitable jobs then they do their best on their duties, that will be the drive to the goals quicker and more efficiently. But that is not enough these days, your organization needs to adjust by getting support from technology more as well.

Technology has its role in almost every part of the organization. The more your organization works toward digital transformation, the further your organization can be developed. Moreover, the company can also be resilient to the change of economy and market which happen almost all the time. Same goes for the HR team that needs to drop the old methods and adjust on how to optimize their processes. And these are new trends for recruitment HR should know to make the process easier, quicker and more effective!

Work more remotely 

At the moment, many departments in the organizations have to work more at home because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Many documents which were papers are now online files so, everyone can access it because they can not meet in person. So, there is a need to use new applications, softwares and platforms for the operation of work online more comfortably such as Google docs, Monday.com and Winio that managers can do work assigning for the teams, indicating deadlines, reviewing the work, adding comments and discussing in the same platform.

Searching new employees mainly through online platforms

From the past that job opportunities will be posted on job boards, it is now changing to be posted on websites instead. Now there are so many websites and platforms that open space for posting and searching for jobs. If your organization has already built a strong base for the online world, you can just easily post jobs on websites or social media platforms directly because you can do it pretty quick. For example, stories on Instagram or posts on Facebook. But it would be best to have cooperation between HR and admin teams.

If other departments within the organization want to have a new employee to join their team for short projects or just for temporary purposes such as building a website or creating graphic work, HR should support them by searching freelancers from platforms as well. 

From finding jobs on the internet like Facebook groups, now people can find new opportunities on the GetLinks AI Job board. An example of the tool to help searching new employees easily and comfortably are GetLinks Platform which can help connecting between the hirers and the talents in each area including IT, digital marketing, designing and others through updating job position, workplace, type of contracts and additional details then algorithm in AI Job Board system will work its way to look for talent which match to HR’s requirement and support HR team to have the quickest recruitment process as much as possible. 

Interview and training via video call

After HR can choose the candidates from CV and have a quick conversation, it’s time to do an interview via video call with platforms such as Skype, Zoom and Google meet or HR team can use Getlinks since the searching step and continue to interview step because you can send messages and set up the meeting schedule directly. Moreover, you can post job positions through the Getlinks platform as well.

There will need to be cooperation between HR and the department that needs a new member to ensure that the chosen candidate is approved by both HR and the future team as well. You may need a little test as one more step to check their skills. Then, send the team to train for the new job straight away. If you already set up a proper process like this, the new employee then can start working right away.

Use blockchain technology to create safety environment for data of the organization’s employees

Using blockchain will help accessing the sensitive information more securely by using username and password. It needs to have a system that can indicate stakeholders as well such as only members of the HR team to protect information from others. So, there is no changing of the information without knowing or the leak of concerned information such as health documents or work history of the employees

You can see that HR needs to learn a lot of things about new platforms because there are a lot of channels that can be used to find newbies to join the teams that ever before. Furthermore, the process of recruiting will be more automated. There will be less paper and manual work and you can save more time. Lastly, you can work with other teams through this automated platform as well.

As it’s an online platform, there is a need of using blockchain technology to protect the leak of sensitive information. It may take time at the beginning to learn all of this, but in a blink of an eye, it will be a new method for the HR team that you will never want to use the old method which takes more time and energy ever again.


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