Cyberport to Launch Recruitment Platform Targeting I&T Talent

Cyberport to launch recruitment platform targeting I&T talent

Following Cyberport’s virtual career fair on last Friday, the tech hub announced that it is debuting a new integrated I&T (innovation & technology) talent acquisition platform “iTalent” through a partnership with a community start-up GetLinks next month.

Available to the public, the platform aims at helping the Cyberport-based employers find the right talents, while providing opportunities for young people with aspirations to join the I&T industry and continuously expanding the talent pool by attracting newcomers into the sector.

Enterprises will be able to post job vacancies and receive candidate recommendations. The platform also enables enterprises to match suitable talents with job vacancies and addresses particular challenges of recruiting talents. It has also received support from 12 tertiary institutions to provide job opportunities for graduates.

Cyberport will work with the Employees Retraining Board to provide short-term work trial for people who have completed I&T-related training courses so they can gain practical experience with Cyberport companies.

“Cyberport has been endeavouring to assist those with aspirations to join the innovation and technology field to unleash their potential, and the launch of the integrated tech talent acquisition platform iTalent exemplifies these efforts,” said Dr George Lam, chairman of Cyberport.

“Jobseekers, including fresh graduates from local tertiary institutions, will gain easy access to the latest market trends, and be able to look for and apply for the latest available job openings, and this can lower the costs of recruitment for employers, ultimately contributing to the acceleration of Hong Kong’s digital transformation and innovation and technology development,” he added.

written by Samantha Chan

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