How the business can use HRM strategy to improve their HR process

People are the base of success of the company. No matter how great of the plan you have, without them the plan will be just a paper. That is why HR takes an important role to find those the company is looking for. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many organizations aim on digital transformation. Many departments including HR have additional work than ever before as there are so many new things to learn. Some of them need to train employees to reskill. Point them out where they can be improved to be better and create an open environment between them for agile processes towards the common goal of the organization.

In this article, we have an HRM strategy to share so you can use it to optimize your HR operation. It was named the “IDEAS” method to be easily remembered which are inclusion, digitalisation, enabling experiences, agile organisation, and skills. Let’s see what they are and how you can adapt it to your HR work!  

HRM strategy 1: Inclusion

Inclusion in this case means building policies and practices at the workplace that include everyone in to feel that they are not alone and that the team can only deliver the great work if the collaboration is there.

Everyone needs a safe feeling that they can consult someone when they are stuck at what they are doing and they all want a positive energy to keep the work going well and smoothly. This way they will feel the motivation the team has and can bring the best out of them to what they do and always have support when they need one. Then, the involvement will just start pretty much automatically.

HRM strategy 2: Digitalisation

The quicker the company turns into digitalization, the better they can develop. Turning all the manual work into automation by doing the digital transformation. As you know that manual work causes mistakes so easily and automation will cause less pain on working for the employees.

Apart from people, data is also another valued asset of the company. The power of AI and machine learning combined with the organization of the employee will point out the insights and leveraging data more quickly with better quality.

For example, HR can do the hiring, administering and assessing with automation tools. If possible all in one platform, they don’t need to swap around and can save so much time on less manual work and spend that time on what they should focus on such as reading the profiles, interviewing and can make better decisions as well. If you have a workload, consider outsources to help on pre-screening. Contact GetLinks for a 1-stop recruitment solution.

HRM strategy 3: Enabling experiences

HR managers should create experiences to unlock employees on connections, performances and career visions. Make them develop their own skill and see the growth not just the revenue of the company but the growth on their career path as well.

These include new training opportunities, mentoring cultures or new kinds of assignments to improve their own skills. And before doing that, you may need a little survey of what the employees want to do for such activities. Ask their opinions and see which one is the great idea. Create a little community where everyone wants to be a part of it.

HRM strategy 4: Agility

To drive the organization to the goal quicker and be more competitive, the people need to feel that they are ready for the change. Let them know clearly what are the benefits of increasing the automation process and train them. So, everyone is on the same page and can have an ability to process as a whole of the company. For example, create a special team to handle specific projects to be finished as quickly as possible by the employees who have the right skill for it. 

HRM strategy 5: Skills

How can your employees create value for the company? The answer is their “skills”. All the HR are looking for a person who has special skills that suit the work and the more that person has in their skills, the more they can adapt that for the quality of their work.


Now you get the “IDEAS” on how your business can use HRM strategy to improve the HR process. To get more than half of this in one place, consider using GetLinks Job Board to find candidates or job offers you are aiming for. Job hunters can search with a few clicks by adding a job name or company they want to work with. On the other hand, the organizations can add open jobs there. This way demand and supply of career options meet and they can continue on recruitments and training to get candidates ready on board easily in just one platform.

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