Cryptocurrency to Accelerate Labour Market Recovery During COVID-19

“Cryptocurrency” has been difficult to ignore these days no matter you understand this term or not. As the matter of fact, the “crypto” has already disrupted our lives and the global labor market. stated that  “The aftermath of the coronavirus and the lockdowns caused a number of individuals to lose their employment. However, many of these people might not know that the crypto industry is bustling with jobs and the number of companies hiring can be staggering.”

For instance, a query shows there are 1,970 jobs available under the search term “bitcoin.” The number of employment opportunities increases to 2,989 jobs if the individual uses the term “blockchain.”

The popular online job search tool shows 824 jobs using the term “bitcoin” and 4,589 jobs under the search for “blockchain.” The jobs on’s search engine stem from employers like Kraken, Bitcoin of America, Energi, Binance, and Bitcoin IRA. Jobs on offer careers from Sales Manager, Intelligence Data Analysts, Software Engineers, Brand Designers, Research Analysts, to Social Media Associates, Editors, and Brokers.

Cryptocurrency has also affected labor work in another aspect. In addition, the service of allows people to “hire the best freelancers for any job and pay in bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin (BTC).

In conclusion, the demand for human resources in this industry continues to increase as you can see from many job opening positions about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain all around the world. Moreover, There are a lot of job opportunities that workers could work remotely.

Cryptocurrency plays a crucial role in the labor market and also increases great job opportunities especially in the tech workers



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