Taiwanese Snack That Prevents Your Computer From Hanging or Freezing?

Many times the problems occurs when we use the machine. For example, the wifi connection lost often when we are in a hurry, the printer do not follow our command, or the computer suddenly and automatically updates while we are doing the important tasks. Especially for event organizing, there will be problems occurring with the audio machine such as speaker and microphone. All of these are totally annoying!

Your PC ran into problem and need to restart

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There are many different solutions to these problems for individual. Some people may fix the problem by preparing thing earlier. For example, they open the computer before using it for longer or try restarting it before presentation. Some might use magical ways to handle these by praying or placing buddha statue nearby.

In Taiwan, there is also kind of belief to handle these situation and they use such a cute way

There is a brand of snack in Taiwan that is used as a talisman of people in the technology industry.

The Taiwanese believe that if used this snack properly, it will help your electronic devices or machines to work better and obey us. The dessert brand is’ Kuai Kuai’ (or’ Guai Guai ‘), which means’ ‘Obedience to the command’ or ‘Good boy’ in both Mandarin and Taiwanese. Moreover, not only its catchy name, but the green color of its package has symbolically meaning as a ‘go’ just like green traffic light

This snack comes in three colours of package  which the other two are yellow for spice flavor and red for chocolate. But only green bag can be used to protect electronic devices and machines. This may be because both yellow and red mean to caution, which are not blessing.

Kuai Kuai

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How did this happen?

The story of this snack started with an undergrad student who was doing his dissertation but the computer always crashing. Then he came up with the idea that his device might need a talisman. So, he started by placing the Kuai Kuai bag on his computer. Surprisingly, the computer worked properly that he submitted his project on time. This story spread widely and became popular among students as well as to people in the tech industry! Therefore, Kuai Kuai began to be placed on various electronic devices and machines all over Taiwan!

It is said that the snack should not be consumed, otherwise Kuai Kuai will be ineffective!

Kuai Kuai on machine
source: https://images.app.goo.gl/yNm7RhU96Bwwh4yy5

You can try

You may believe it or not but it doesn’t cost much to try. There are still many things in the world that are ambiguous. As long as it’s not harmful, this might help making your work go smoothly! 

Let Kuai Kuai be your talisman to help your work comes out smoothly. But if you want your career path to go smoothly as well, GetLinks can give you service by submitting your resume with us and it zero charged!


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