5 Real Reasons People in Their 30s Change Jobs and So Should You

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Disclaimer: We hope that you are in the right place workwise and happy with whatever you do, but if for any reason you feel miserable at your current job and afraid of change because you deem yourself “too old”, we have an article that might help: 

Jeff Bezos created Amazon at 31, Joseph Conrad, an English novelist, spoke no English until 20, and Jonah Petrettis, the creator of Buzzfeed, spent his 20s teaching middle-schoolers how to use Microsoft Office. Despite very different career paths, all these people have one thing in common: They didn’t find their true calling until later in life.

If you feel deeply unsatisfied with your current work environment but afraid to search for new career opportunities because of your age – look around yourself; Many successful people discovered their passion after they hit 30. It is never too late to start over. Besides, according to neuroscientists, when we are younger we tend to take short cuts when facing complex career choices. Now, with a better understanding of the world, you can make an informed decision and start the life you’ve always wanted.

5 Top Reasons People in Their 30s Switch Careers

Not a long time ago, Drexel University Online polled 320 people between the ages of 30 and 54+ who recently made a career change. Respondents revealed the top 5 reasons for quitting their job and making the big leap:

  • 1. Workload/Hours 27.19%
  • 2. Compensation 17.19%
  • 3. Potential for Advancement 15.94%
  • 4. Location 10.63%
  • 5. Lack of Passion 9.38%

Among those polled, 45% chose a career in the same industry, while 55% decided to switch to a new career path. Respondents who chose to do something different sought jobs namely in the service and education industries. So if you want to undertake something completely new, do not be afraid of change. Furthermore, as stated in 2015 LinkedIn’s research, companies are actively hiring from outside their industries.

4 Signs You Should Start Over at Any Age

We fear the new because of the uncertainty it brings, especially when we are getting older. However, if you feel like your career lacks something, take action. Put your emotions aside and go through the list below to see if it is time for you to take the risk and improve your career.

Jonah Petrettis, the creator of Buzzfeed, spent his 20s teaching kids how to use Microsoft Office.

1. You Are Not Excited to Go to the Office

You are just not thrilled to go through another day at work. Everything seems dull and uninteresting. You check your watch every 15 minutes and have a coffee break every hour.

As pointed out by Dr John Eastwood, a psychologist at York University, boredom can drive people to destructive behaviours such as overeating, alcohol and drug abuse, and gambling. If you feel the need to indulge yourself in a drink after work, you need to ask yourself if your office is the right place for you.

2. Your Management Does Not Value You

People work for approximately 18 months – two years to get promoted. If you are skilled but constantly overlooked for a promotion, it might be the right time to look for another job.

Work is supposed to bring you the feeling of fulfilment and achievement, and if you cannot get that at your job, find a place where you will be treated the way you deserve.

3. You Haven’t Learnt Anything New in Years

Being 30 does not mean that you can rest on your laurels. If you have not had an opportunity to undertake a new project in a very long time and spruce up your daily routine with something out of the box, it probably won’t get any better.

The only way to have an exciting career is to be a lifelong learner. There is also robust evidence that adult learning leads to increases in self-esteem and long-term happiness.


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4. You Work/Life Balance Is Close to Non-Existent

Stressed and overworked, you have much more responsibilities than 5 years ago. Your parents are getting older and maybe you have a family of your own. Life does not get easier and work is not helping. If you feel like you are constantly overlooking your private life, it is time to slow down and figure out what is really important.

Besides losing touch with friends and family, stressful working environments can lead to serious issues with one’s health. In the US alone, job burnout accounts for approximately $125 billion health-care each year. Overworked people are more likely to suffer from coronary diseases, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol.

If you agree with only 1 statement, it is possible to improve your current working environment by honestly communicating the issue with your management. Likely, they will understand your point of view and try to provide you with a practical solution. However, if 2 or more things from our list bother you – it is time to look for another challenge.

Don’t miss the small steps, check out some great advice on
what to do on your last day of work here.

How to Overcome Fear of Unknown and Embark on a Career Change at 30

Switching careers starts with a single seed: considering the possibility of changing job. Before rushing into things, research your new path, consider current and future finances. Understand your natural abilities and talents before taking a leap of faith.

Know Yourself

Take a self-assessment test and start to listen to career-related podcasts to set yourself in the right mindset. We highly recommend Happen to Your Career by Scott Anthony Barlow and The Career Relaunch by Joseph Liu.

Ask Yourself the Right Questions

To understand whether or not you chose to move in the right direction, ask yourself:

  • What are the best moments of your career?
  • What do you enjoy doing that you can lose track of time?
  • What do people think you are good at?

It shouldn’t be an emotional, but rather a well-informed decision.

Be Ready to Go Back to School

Returning to the Drexel poll, 99.27% of respondents who changed their career decided to go back to school to acquire needed skills and knowledge. Know whether or not you need to undertake any training or get higher education to switch.

Is It Worth It?

Making a big life change isn’t easy. It requires deep soul searching and a lot of time executing your plan. Overcoming fear of unknown, criticism from your friends and family, and the idea that you are too old to compete with successful millennials will be the hardest in your journey.  

But if you know that your current situation won’t make you happy and you are determined to succeed, don’t give up on your dreams. Time is our most precious resource – use it wisely to create a life you’ve always dreamt of.



There’s nothing wrong with starting over with what you love, no matter what age. If you’re about to hop on a tech career, let GetLinks be with you in every step of the way. 


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