Pros and Cons of Love In The Workplace

Emergency! Love Is In the Air, Sir !

After a long and exhausting January, It’s time for the second month of 2021, February! aka the month of love! All the salarymen and interns that are tired from working hard and devoted themselves to duty can start looking for the Inspiration around themselves in their workplace! But Is there something we need to be concerned about before having inspiration this time?

let’s get to know “Love In The Workplace” better to prepare ourselves together!

These pros and cons will help you,

Let’s start with the pros

1. You will have someone who can actually understand your situations

In our everyday life, we, salarymen sometimes have someone in the office who ruined our day or often made us annoyed and no one really understands this situation thoroughly when you talk to them. Now, it’s enough of talking about these things to the outsiders who don’t really understand your situations. Nothing is better than having someone who truly understands your situations in the office! Talking to the person who cares for us and knows our friends and enemies is the best thing you will have.

2. You will get to see each other every day!

Although you and your inspiration didn’t be in the same team, department, or on the same level of the building you still have time to see each other on breaks and spend lunchtime together, you can hang out together after work and on your way home. You don’t have to wait impatiently until the weekend to see that special someone or endure the difficulties of seeing each other every time again!

3. Wake up in the morning with high motivation!

Just thinking that tomorrow you have to get up in the morning to go to work has already made you feel tired right? No more waking up like a zombie every day, your inspiration is at the office! Thinking that we have someone we want to see waiting for us in the office will make us want to get up and go to the office early. On top of that when we wake up with positive energy, it can influence other people to have a positive vibe and build a positive work environment as well.

4. Some secret places only “us” know

Secretly showing love in the office is one of the most things that make people excited or make their hearts flutter. Stairwell? Elevator? Or Storage? Each person has a different picture in their heads and it will definitely make your heart shake harder than other ordinary dates

After we know about the pros of love in the workplace then it’s time for the cons that we need to concerned about

1. Speedy scandal all over the office

When it comes to dating someone, both you and your partner will never know how long you will be each other’s inspiration or don’t even know if it will work out or not, Therefore letting everyone know about your unstable relationship wouldn’t be a good thing. Don’t think about hiding it when you and your partner are in everybody’s eyes all the time and don’t forget to prepare yourself to be a hot topic in a gossip circle

2. You will get to see each other every day! (not in a good way)

If you are the person who likes being around your loved one all day every day, Congratulations! You get the jackpot. But those who need space or time to enjoy being alone or be with few colleagues would be unsatisfied with the relationship that they spend every minute together. Something that is too much can make you feel bored, the relationship might even benefit from time spent apart, like the phrase “absence makes the heart grows fonder” 

3. The great distraction

Absolutely, waking up with a positive vibe is a good thing but sometimes relationships can make you create less productivity, Taking the assignment in front of you seriously is the most important thing in the workplace. Your boss would not be satisfied if you put someone on your first priority instead of work.

4. Working with “Ex” (in case you break up with each other)

For many people, working with your Ex is the worst nightmare that wants to run away from it instantly. Whether it ends well or not, ending any relationship will always affect our mental health in some way because no one on earth will like losing someone or something. So, wake up and facing your Ex every day may make you feel exhausted and moreover, you have to handle all the gossip for a long time

5. It may get you into trouble

Many companies are concerned about the employee’s relationship because it can affect a company’s workability and hierarchy. Many companies have serious policies about their employee’ relationship and although there are many companies that are not concerned about this thing but the relationship between employees will definitely make other people doubt their work and decision-making ability.


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