Same, But Different Recap: 4 Interesting Trends of Digital Marketing that Marketer Should Know for 2022


Marketing Trends have changed significantly after the pandemic. With the transition into hybrid working systems during lockdown and the digitalization of every process, consumer behaviours have also drastically changed as a result as well. We are now being trained to work from home for 2 years, data and footprints for marketers are being reset. This creates new trends that marketers should know in order to hit the standards and remain competitive.

On the 24th of November, GetLinks hosted a Live Digital Marketing Panel Discussion which featured:

Moderated by Nareephas Labanukrom – Country Manager at GetLinks.

Let’s take a look at what our panelists mentioned about the 4 interesting digital marketing trends that Marketers Should Know in the new normal era. 


Customizing service or products to consumers has been one and only trend that has stayed relevant for centuries. It was reported that 80% of time, users are more likely to purchase the service that is tailored to them (Sitecore, 2021). 

Even though customizing has been valued for centuries, the big change in this marketing tactic is the level of personalization that has gotten more advanced and accurate. With the help of advanced technology like AI and Machine Learning, it algorithmically analyses the patterns of each user and recommends the best service for them. This not only answers their needs but also saves their time on researching. 

Advanced Marketing Tools

Within this digital era, automation tools such as AI and Machine Learning have become more common, yet very useful. This may mean that ‘Ease and Convenience’ of platforms can become the new trend. It will make SMEs and individuals survive the competitive markets by staying innovative and efficient. 

Honestly, the marketing logic and theories should stay the same but it now depends on who knows the best tools that best fit their business nature that can truly help them maximize their performance. Everything will be much easier; using the same logics but adopting tools that automated their process. Recently there are innovations that automates ad making by using machine learning to recommend which headlines to use, which frame or colour should be used to retain attention and many more. 

Rising in e-Commerce 

Not only because of Covid, internet users have been continuously increasing even before that. But after the pandemic, the number of hours spent online drastically jumped. This made Digitalisation important for businesses. These days social media platforms have improved their ease of usage; Take advantage of it. 

For starters who start their own business, our panelists advised to start small on social media platforms. This can let you practice on how to adapt and get you thinking on how to stimulate your sales. Sometimes experience can tell you more than textbooks, especially in the ‘new normal’ era. 

Importance of “Owned Media”

This is the perfect timing to encourage “Owned Media.” This is when businesses can control their online presence and activities. This can be their own social media channels, blogs or websites. As mentioned, social platforms are being made easier and cheaper along with how users are spending more time online; this will be the most effective and efficient way to increase reach to potential customers.

Bitkub is very active on social media in terms of updating their followers with the latest coins and their fluctuating values along with compiling tips and tricks on how to trade. This increase in digital footprint was viewed to be a one-stop platform where not only coins are being more accessible, but also provides insightful information to trade better.

Sunday also has their own blog page that not only updates users on the status of their company but also news updates on what’s going on in the world right now to make users see the importance of insurance after acknowledging the news.  


However, this is not all. Our panelists also shared their company’s insights as well as their marketing experience in the tech industry and how they managed to enhance their marketing performance in fierce competitions. 

Watch the Full Live here: 

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