6 Resume Tips for Successful Application

Having a hard time landing an internship? Here are some tips for a successful application!

Once you have a clear vision of the ideal internship you are looking for (visit our previous post), it’s time to gear yourself up for the battle of job-hunting – starting with the resume.

6 resume tips to get you started 

1. Look for keywords in job postings

To begin, always start by studying job descriptions for important keywords. These keywords are good indicators of the traits employers look for in their candidates. Reflect back on your past experiences to see if any of those traits are applicable and include them in your resume to better match the candidate profile.

2.  Refer to resume templates specific to the position you are applying 

Now, crafting your resume. A general resume includes a brief description of yourself, your work experience, education, achievements, and your soft and hard skills relevant to your employer. Confused? Visit this link for some resume samples based on different industries. Visit this link for more examples of soft and hard skills you could use.

3. Make sure it is easy to read

 Each section of your resume should be short and to the point. The best fonts to use are Cambria, Arial, Calibri or Georgia. Use active language such as “led”, “effectively coordinated”, “generated”, “designed” etc. Visit this link for more examples on active terms.

4. Showcase figures 

Also, you should use numbers to emphasize your qualities. Figures help to highlight quantifiable results you brought and increase credibility. Examples could be “resulted in a 73% increase in engagement” or “a 15% reduction in time spent on a task”.

5. Fine-tune your resume according to specific job requirements

After most of your resume is done, decide whether you should alter your resume for each job you apply for. Know the nature of the company you’re applying to. If they have other specific requirements, alter your resume accordingly.

6. Proofread your resume

Lastly, a spot for grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors aims to seem more professional.

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After you’ve completed your resume, research hiring companies before applying. Take note of their culture, benefits, salary, and products or services. If you feel that you would be a good fit, apply with confidence through online platforms or the company’s platform. Emphasize how your goals and work ethics align with the company’s culture in your cover letter. 

Lastly, wait for an interview notice from the company.

Alternatively, you can let GetLinks facilitate the process for you. Set up a profile with GetLinks (click here) and match it with great internship opportunities based on your skills and experience. With our comprehensive database and unique matching process, we reinvent the way you look for internships, making it easier for you. If you need an extra hand, we have our talent coaches available onboard to help polish your profile, coach you through interviews to make sure you are in good hands. Explore a new world of internship opportunities with GetLinks today.

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