How to be Proactive in a Job Hunt!



If you’re looking for jobs, keep in mind that there are 2 main kinds of job searches: proactive and reactive job search. What are the differences between these two kinds of job search? 

To put it simply, reactive job search is looking for job openings to send in applications for ones that interest you – picking from the options that come up to you. While proactive job search is picking the companies and the job titles you have in mind and chasing it. In a proactive job search, opportunities of getting the job of your dream is higher. 

Though, the question is, how do you become proactive in a job hunt? Here are some things you can prepare to keep yourself ahead of the game in the proactive job search. Let’s take a look! 

In order to prepare yourself from a proactive job search, here are some things you should take in consideration: 

  • Resume 
  • LinkedIn Profile 
  • LinkedIn Connections 
  • #OpenToWork 

Resume: Make sure that you’re always editing your resume, not only when you’re looking for new job opportunities. This makes it easy for you to keep track of the projects and experiences you’ve had your hands on. 

LinkedIn Profile: In order to attract people to want to reach out to you on this platform, you need to have a complete profile. Be sure that you’ve added your background, skills and achievements onto your profile!

LinkedIn Connections: LinkedIn is a platform that is quite easy to connect with the people of your field of interest, and growing more connections on LinkedIn will grant you the opportunity to get to know people, hence opening yourself up to more networking opportunities. 

#OpenToWork: To allow recruiters to be aware that you are up for job opportunities, be sure to put the #OpenToWork banner onto your profile picture – this way, the recruiters can be sure that once they reach out to you, it may be an offer you are interested in. 

Be careful using Open-To-Work on your LinkedIn profile - Tom Sorensen
Now that you’ve got yourself prepared to begin the proactive job search, let’s take a look at the strategies that could help you go through this process easier. 

Proactive Job Search Strategies

  • Identify companies of Interest

Lay out the companies you are interested in, this way it helps you narrow down your choices to the companies that are really interesting to you – with the work sector and the career path that you set for yourself. 

  • Company Research

Once you have decided on a list of companies that interest you, do more research about each company, their culture, their work, their benefits and just the overall identity of the company. The more you learn about the companies, the more the hirers are going to be impressed with you. 

  • Leverage Network

The network you can gain is by going through the company’s LinkedIn profile, it tells you who are the people currently working in the company. This way, you can start to create connections to expand your network, and it can help you open yourself up to the job opportunities of your dreams. 

There are other ways that you can expand your network as well, such as: 

  • Attending Meetups and Conferences
  • Finding the right Mentor
  • Build an Online Presence 
  • Complete Profile on LinkedIn 


  • Reach out to Hiring Managers 

When you’ve gone through the steps of self preparation, it’s time you reach out to the hiring managers of the companies of your interest. Make sure you’ve prepared a mesmerizing 30 seconds elevator pitch that describes your background and the value you can bring to the company. Don’t forget to build rapport, because people tend to hire the people that they like! 

Proactive job search may take longer and a lot more work to put in, so remember to set up goals for yourself and take it step by step! 

However, if you’re a bit lost and need a little guidance in finding the right job for yourself – don’t worry, GetLinks’ got you covered! Contact our specialized Recruitment Consultants to make the job search journey a whole lot easier for you. 

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