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With the development of the digital age, changing jobs can be a whole lot easier, causing people to hop from jobs to jobs at the tips of their fingers. Let’s take a deeper dive into the Vietnam job market, whether people change jobs just as often or not with insightful information from GetLinks’ HR in the Vietnam team! 

Are there a lot of job hoppers in Vietnam? 

In Vietnam, employees are usually employed in full-time positions or as freelancers. Freelancers are popular in the Vietnamese job market as well, especially among the programmers – this is because they want more flexibility. In order to work as a freelancer, candidates must have experience of at least 3 years.

However, amongst the younger generation, candidates tend to change jobs pretty quickly as well. Younger candidates often switch jobs within less than a year of working at a company. 

What may be the reasons people switch jobs quickly? 

There are several reasons as to why candidates switch jobs pretty quickly. Here are some reasons according to GetLinks’ HR in Vietnam: 

  1. The job description doesn’t match their expectations 
  2. The company culture doesn’t fit with the candidate
  3. Gotten offered higher salary 
  4. The current job doesn’t pay well enough 
  5. The candidate needs a change in their career path 
  6. Candidates prefer working remotely, when the company switches to hybrid or going back to office, employees tend to quit 

There may be personal reasons, but the main reason candidates switch jobs in Vietnam is to grow and upgrade their salary. 

What’s the career growth duration in Vietnam? 

Usually, to grow one’s career in Vietnam usually takes a year and a half to earn a new salary, but it also depends on the candidates’ levels and their performance as well. 

Are job hoppers accepted by Vietnamese HR? 

  1. Candidate’s level: It all depends on their level on the first impression. If seniors with 4-5 years of working experience, HR would still want to have an interview to understand why they switched their jobs often. However, if the level is in the junior level, there is a lower chance of landing an interview. 
  2. Potential candidates: If the candidate pool is large and the candidate has recently switched jobs pretty often, there is a lower chance of being called in for interviews. Though, if there is a smaller pool of potential candidates, the HR may consider hiring if the profile matches their expectations. 

A tip for people who have just recently switched jobs often

If a candidate has recently switched jobs with less than 1 year of experience at each company, a tip to help HR consider hiring is to put in reasons of leaving in resume, cover letter or email to help let the HR understand that the candidate did not merely quit due to no reasonable cause at all. 

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