TikTok Surprises Users by Making Personalised Ads Mandatory

TikTok Ramps up Ad Targeting

Starting April 15, TikTok’s personalised ads policy is changing as they make personalised ads mandatory.

For TikTok users who don’t like getting targeted ads, they may soon not have a choice.

On the flip side, this could be fantastic news for marketing managers all around the world. 

According to this notice, users will no longer be able to opt-out of personalised ads based on the data TikTok collects from one’s activities on the app except for ads based on data TikTok gets from some of its advertising partners. The only exception here is users based in the European Union, who are covered by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which requires businesses to get users’ consent. 

TikTok told the news outlet, Recode that “Our goal is to help businesses reach the people they care about in a creative and meaningful way, while also respecting the privacy of our users,”. “As our advertising platform matures, we continue to be transparent with our users about their choices with respect to personalized advertising on our platform.”

For digital marketers, TikTok is a great social media platform to raise organic engagement with their target audience. The way TikTok and its algorithm works to put relevant content onto the users For You Page (main feed) has been so successful as seen from the platform’s rapid rise to stardom. With such changes to the platform’s targeted ads policy, TikTok may see even better performance coming from ad revenue streams, further solidifying its place as one of the leading social media channels. Marketers can definitely keep a lookout for TikTok as one of the great ways to engage with their audience. 


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