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Hi, my name is Ketsaraporn Pluemsud. You can call me Bam as a nickname. I’m a student at Mahasarakham University, majoring in English for Business in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. I’m currently 22 years old and in my fourth year of studies. I had the opportunity to intern at GetLinks for 2 months.

Describe your intern positions at GetLinks 

I’m an intern at GetLinks, specifically in the Marketing team. My main tasks involve creating content videos about the company or tips for various job interviews. I also write content for different platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Additionally, I occasionally participate in events as part of my work.

Why have you chosen to intern at GetLinks? 

I have gathered some brief information about the company before submitting my resume to the HR department. I am interested in interning at GetLinks because it is a startup company with a friendly work culture. The working environment is flexible and not overly stressful. I believe that working here will allow me to feel comfortable and gain valuable experiences.

Share the things you’ve learned from your internship with GetLinks

I have gained incredibly valuable experiences that have prepared me for entering the professional working world. I have learned how to manage tasks more effectively and efficiently. The team members, especially the seniors, have been helpful in teaching me various job-related skills such as blog writing, content creation strategies, and the importance of delivering quality outcomes rather than just focusing on the number of working hours. I have grown and developed significantly during this internship.

Compared to the past, how did GetLinks help develop in terms of your working style?

First and foremost, GetLinks helped me in terms of time management. I had to manage my time effectively for commuting to and from work, which was different from my university days. Additionally, I learned to take more responsibility for myself and became more conscientious. Communication also became crucial, as I learned the importance of reaching out to team members when facing difficulties or not understanding certain tasks. This improved the overall smoothness of our work processes.

As interns who are about to enter the working age, how do you picture your future corporate culture?

– Colleagues are like a friendly family.

– The work system is flexible and not overly demanding.

– There are no gender restrictions.

Any advice for the juniors growing into this spot? 

If you like and are interested in interning in this field, I encourage you to go ahead and take action without fear or hesitation that you won’t be able to do it. The team members are ready to help and support you at all times. Engaging in this internship will undoubtedly provide you with valuable experiences in terms of work skills and also foster good relationships with your team members.

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