5 Steps to Have Worry-Free Holiday

Most people are craving vacation because it allows us to stop focusing on work and lets us do what we like whether it’s watching movies, listening to music, or doing other hobbies. There are studies that stated that holidays are very useful to the employee.

allinahealth.org said that vacation helps improving employee’s health both physically and mentally

physical aspect: Working sometimes brings physical exhaustion. Therefore, taking a vacation will help to relieve the exhaustion and also reduces stress, which is a risk factor that brings about heart disease and high blood pressure as well

mental aspect: Neuroscientists have found that chronic exposure to stress can bring on anxiety and depression. Letting your body and mind rest from work on vacation can heal your mental exhaustion. Employees who take vacation are less likely to experience burnout and it makes them more creative and productive

However, sometimes we can’t have a true holiday when we can’t let go of the urgent works and deadlines

We all need a real vacation that’s we don’t have to worry about answering emails or having urgent phonecall. So GetLinks has presented 5 steps to a worry-free holiday that you won’t have to worry about work anymore. Let’s see what to do.

1. Prioritize your workload

It is necessary for us to finish the work before the long holiday to have a worry-free vacation. However, sometimes you may feel like you have a lot of work to do and you don’t know where to start or what should be done first. Before beginning to jump into the huge pile of work. Try spending about 20 minutes prioritizing tasks by the due date and estimating how much time we need to spend on each task so that we can see a clearer picture of the work and not be distracted when the spontaneous work pops up.

2. Delegate tasks to the team

Once finish prioritizing the workload, you will see more clearly which task you can finish on your own and which one needs to pass to others in the team. What needs to pass to the team, try to get your part done quickly and make sure the workflow comes out as smoothly as possible

In addition, Estimate your time on each work and if you find that time and workload are not balanced. For example, you feel that you can’t complete tasks on time. Be honest with yourself and your team, and communicate this directly so the team can find the best solution together.Funny Teamwork Quotes For Work

3. Get work done!

Now you see a clear picture of the tasks you need to get done. Let’s start and finish it! It is said that the hardest part of working is in the beginning. If there is no inspiration, you may try to imagine the activities you plan to do on vacation and use it as a motivation to get the work done. Or if you feel tired during work, you may try to set up some conditions or set up small goals for each task by rewarding yourself every time you complete it, such as 1 piece of your favorite snack for 1 finished task.


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4. Share your holiday plan with the team

It’s important to share vacation plans with your team. It no needs to share where you are going or what you will be doing on your vacation. Just communicate earlier the period of your vacation. This will let the team know what they need from you in advance. Once your days off arrive, they will not need to reach you because you already well prepare for what they need. Don’t forget to send the calendar to notice them the day you are out of the office.

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5. Set up an auto-reply email

Even on holidays, some organizations may still be working. Sometimes, there might be an email sent to you and it makes you worried about work. Using auto-reply email to notify people who the sender that we are on vacation and will reply to them when you are back, it will let the person know that you do not ignore their email.

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Just 5 steps before a long vacation. It will give you a peaceful holiday without worrying about work anymore

But if you feel like the work makes you feel the true vacation, let GetLinks support you!


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