Recruiting trends that influenced by Healthcare

Although last year many employees were affected by the layoff due to the Covid-19 situation. But the healthcare industry has increased the demand for this profession. As can be seen in India, Healthcare and Technology remain an important recruitment sector.

The pandemic has accelerated demand for skilled talent as India leverages technology and expands healthcare facilities to support the recovery of affected populations.

Currently, Healthcare has made a big change in the direction of employment.

Let’s take a look at recruiting trends.


1. ‘Quality’ is more important than ‘Quantity’

The post-covid-19 era has started but there’s still a level of uncertainty. Though companies might have decided to roll out openings and hire , the number of openings might be surprisingly low. Recruiters might be asked to hire one single person with a maximum skill set. 


2. Diversity in society

The world is fighting not only the global pandemic but also a global issue that is racism. To combat the issue of racism, corporates have been playing a significant role by incorporating diversity and an inclusivity hiring strategy. Many companies have taken this hiring strategy with utmost seriousness and molded their hiring strategies accordingly. Apart from companies, candidates want to be a part of organizations that practice diversity. 


3. Change in Employee Benefits

Gone are the days when employees only looked at the paycheck before joining a company or organization. After the aftermath created by the pandemic, more and more candidates are looking at medical benefits from their prospective companies. Apart from remuneration, there are several benefits like tuition fees, time off, health insurance, mental health resources, and health club membership which candidates look for.


4. Work from home

The pandemic has taught us that almost everything on this planet can be used on the internet. Employees are preferring the option to work remotely from their convenient location. The need to rent homes in expensive cities is no longer a reality as an increasing number of companies are changing their mode of work to complete work-from-home setup.


5. Omni Channel Recruitment is the key

Communication with customers through a variety of channels and linking different channels into one is important. There are innumerable numbers of platforms from where recruiters can source, interview, and recruit talent. The key is to identify which platform will be best for a particular position. This is where upskilling and reskilling of recruiters come into play.  This is where Recruiters need to focus on and increase their skills.

These are trends that are coming up in the near future. Everyone should learn and adapt. GetLinks understands the job very well. Let us help push you to get the right job.


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