7 Personal Branding Tips To Boost Your Career

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“I’m not a product, therefore I don’t need marketing.”

Well, that’s right, but also.. wrong. Your actions contribute to your personal branding whether you like it or not. But what does personal branding even mean?

In a nutshell, it’s your image: the way others see you, your expertise, your personality, your values. And if you don’t take care of your personal branding, others will do it for you.

Chances are, your skill set is not much different from your peers, it’s your personality that makes you stand out.  Here is how to market your strengths to get hired!

1. Create a personal brand statement

Your main value proposition presented in the form of a unique catchphrase. Write a sentence that describes who you are as a professional, use it as a bio. Include your target audience, mission, and values.

Pro tip: here’s how to come up with an engaging statement. It can be as simple as

“I help (target audience) with (skill) so they can (get a result)”.

 Make sure it’s short, authentic and it defines who you are.

2. Google yourself

That’s right! Want to know know what potential employers or clients find when they look you up online? Google your own name and company, and see what comes up. Is this what you want others to know about you?

Moreover, think of what you don’t see in those search results? Are there channels you are missing out on? Do you have your personal website, your online portfolio or a blog? If not, maybe it’s a good time to start.

3. Screen all your social media profiles.

70% of Companies use Social Media to search for candidates and for the screening process, and they are getting better and better at it.

Make sure your info and your personal branding statement are up to date and aligned across all platforms. Eliminate irrelevant content. Check the pages you follow, make sure all your private posts are restricted to your close friends and your public posts reflect your views and values.

4. Work on your visuals.

Using visuals to show your personality

Breaking news: potential employers, business partners, and industry influencers all happen to be human beings. And humans tend to trust other humans. No matter what your skills are, people will still remember how you look like.

Make sure you use a high-resolution photo of yourself as a profile picture across all platforms. Invest in a professional headshot if necessary. Your profile picture might express your hobbies and interests, but subconsciously we tend to trust people who look friendly. Accept the fact that your photo should be out there unless you have your own logo designed.

5. Create and share content.

You don’t have to be original to stand out from the crowd. Express your professional opinion, share industry news and useful insights with your professional network. Share your expertise for free without holding back anything. Make sure that use the right channels, think about your target audience. Be consistent, but don’t overshare!

Don’t be generic! Develop your personal style.  Add a personal touch to your content to help others notice you. Use your own voice, don’t afraid to crack a joke or use a real-life example.

6. Have a professional email signature

Your email signature is your business card for recruiters, so make sure it stands out from the crowd.  Use color to grab attention, but don’t go wild unless you’re a designer.

Add a photo or an image to give your email signature more impact, personality, and memorability. Make sure to include links to your social profiles. Share some details, but don’t tell your entire life story in your signature, keep it short and sweet: three to four lines should be enough.

Don’t forget to test your new email signature – send an email to a friend, ask for feedback. 

7. Network with influencers.

 networking/personal branding

Start building your network by connecting with other members of your industry. Expand your network by connecting with other members of the industry on social media and offline.

Attend events and workshops and expand your network.

While networking, give real value without an intention to sell. Recognized someone? Say hi.  Remember, everyone else is building their personal brand. Share ideas, be an active listener and don’t be afraid to ask for advice.


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About the Author: Nat Poltavets
Nat is passionate about everything digital. She writes about tech trends, lifelong learning, and emotional intelligence. She enjoys guacamole, as should all right-thinking people, and she knows how to open a PDF.
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