HealthTech and Telemedicine have played crucial role during COVID-19

Access to healthcare is a chronic challenge around the region. The number of doctors and hospital beds available per thousand population is overwhelmingly low. Take Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam for example, there are only 0.4-0.8 doctors available for every one thousand people in the country

HealthTech is a nascent sector that has played a crucial role during lockdowns.

The growth of this industry has rapidly accelerated due to COVID-19 with the help of lowered barriers and new impetus for usage. 

The HealthTech sector is well-poised for wider commercial adoption with widespread collaboration between existing healthcare providers (hospitals) and Telemedicine startups.

HealthTech usage has grown by 4 times and has retained its users post-lockdown.

There is also a budding interest from regulators as they have recognized the efficacy of Telemedicine and e-Pharmacy solutions and are willing to lend greater regulatory and policy support. Consumer interest for Telemedicine is also on the rise which marks a first step towards building a trusting relationship between remote providers and patients.

With all these positive drivers towards HealthTech, the industry is set to take off and remain strong in the future economy to come.


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