Companies to Restructure Their Workforce In-response to New Tech

The workforce structure is changing rapidly due to technology adoption. It is increasingly challenging to manage the workforce. Recruitment, manpower planning, and allocation, new ways of working, and evaluating employee performance.

In a sea of chaos, what should managers do?

Data from the Forum’s Future of Jobs Survey shows that companies expect to restructure their workforce in response to new technologies. Companies surveyed by the World Economic Forum indicate that they are looking to introduce further automation, reduce the current workforce (43%) or expand their workforce as a result of deeper technological integration (34%), and expand their use of contractors for task-specialized work (41%). 


The reallocation of current tasks between humans and machines is already in motion. The World Economic Forum believes that by 2025 the average estimated time spent by humans and machines at work will be at parity based on today’s tasks. Algorithms and machines will be primarily focused on the tasks of information and data processing and retrieval, administrative tasks, and some aspects of traditional manual labor. The tasks where humans are expected to retain their comparative advantage include managing, advising, decision-making, reasoning, communicating, and interacting.

Searching for people with different skills, evaluating their performances differently, and balancing the number of manpower you actually need after increasing machines can be really difficult.

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