How Lifelong Learning is Changing the Future of Work

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Everyone has that one relative who spent 20+ years doing the same job at the same company.

They have most likely retired and they are always ready to mention their lifelong commitment to that same trade. In the 21st century, we live in a world where technology is changing the way we work. Thanks to automation, our field of work will most likely transform several times over as our careers progress.

According to a recent World Economic Forum report, 54% of all employees will require significant reskilling and upskilling in just three years.

Lifelong learning is fundamental to long-term success.

lifelong learning

We need to be continually learning, refreshing and updating our skills as we progress through our careers. Your university degree is not going to cut it. Experts predict that we would have to learn and adapt for the rest of our lives.

Every other year there’s new software to implement, a new marketing channel to discover, a new way to shop for goods. This drastic change in the nature of work also means that the way in which we learn needs to similarly transform.

We’re witnessing the emergence of a new learning ecosystem that offers individuals at any stage of life more accessible ways to upskill.

In a world of YouTube tutorials, TedTalks and webinars,  “plug and play” e-learning platforms become more and more popular. Accessible up to date courses taught by world’s top educators are in high demand, and the average e-learner’s age has reached 30. Being a student soon won’t be associated with being young or inexperienced; lifelong learning will be necessary to stay relevant.

The rise of adaptive talents

lifelong learning-technologies

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.” –  Charles Darwin

A new generation of talents is emerging. Marketers learn SQL, designers take UX courses, entrepreneurs learn how to start their business, developers learn soft skills and even actors are studying online now. These Adaptive Talents will evolve with the technologies. Robots won’t steal their jobs. On the contrary, they will fit alongside and complement the automation.

Tech sector is booming, thanks to hundreds of new jobs available on the market.  At the same time, the tech talent gap is larger than any one role. New hot skills are required in order to land a well-paid job in the tech industry these days. But tech is not limited to programming anymore, and tech courses are much more accessible.

Level up!

Project management, data analytics, digital marketing, game design, virtual reality and hundreds of other courses are available online. We want to make sure that future humans of tech have equal access to upskilling opportunities.

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