10 Cryptocurrency Influencers Recommended for Traders to Follow

GetLinks have gathered 10 cryptocurrency influencers recommend for those who are interested in both YouTube channel and Podcast to get to know insightful content about cryptocurrency!

Global : 

Benjamin Cowen

[464K Subscribers]

Benjamin Cowen is a crypto market analyst and the host of IntoTheCryptoverse. He combines his numerical knowledge with his long-term perspective to find the benefit in the market. Ben’s top 5 cryptocurrencies are BTC, ETH, LINK, ADA, and DOT.

Highlight point: Constantly updating fresh crypto-related content that you won’t miss any new issues about cryptocurrency. Moreover, the content is a good technique for traders.

Lark Davis

[393K Subscribers]

Lark Davis is an online content creator, based in New Zealand, who does videos about investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He uses his expertise and experience as an investor to share tips and advice on his YouTube channel.

Highlight point: Share interesting topics with an attractive way to communicate with the audience and make them easy to understand and not boring

Thai : 



THE STANDARD WEALTH, a news agency for economic, investment, business and finance issues to keep update with all movements of the  market and economic policy that will affect the people’s lives

Highlight point: THE STANDARD WEALTH focuses on creative content related to the economy, investment, business, and finance Their content is diverse, trendy and summarizes the key points that are easy to understand as the programs follow

  • [Youtube Live] Morning Wealth is a news update program based on interesting topics daily presented by two casters for an hour broadcasting on Monday – Friday from 7 AM to 8 AM.
  • [Short VDO Clip] To Summarizes the issues that are on-trend at the moment. The video length is about 2-14 minutes that is easy to understand

Money Buffalo

One of the top websites for “Investment and Finance” that provide articles about stocks or mutual funds. Their content is easy to understand by summarizing finance, investment, business, and economy suitable for all investors based on their concept  “Finance is easy, anyone can read and understand.”

  • Content Format Diversity: Money Buffalo focuses on delivering financial, investment, business, and economic content through a range of unique and engaging content formats for audiences. The main content formats are interesting articles, jargons, podcasts, VDO Clip, oil price, gold price. and exchange rate.
  • Podcasts: 10-15 minutes episode per week about finance, investment, and other interesting issues through intensive content storytelling but easy to understand. Money Buffalo has produced more than 95 podcasts currently.

Paul Pattarapon พอล ภัทรพล 


Paul is a television host and actor, investor, entrepreneur, and writer. Heis financially independent and retire himself from the age of 35 and shares with audiences how to manage your financial retirement plan

Highlight points :

  • Content: his content is about finance, investment, post-retirement plan, and other useful content. The feedback from viewers is very good in many video clips.
  • Mood & Tone Clip: The tone of his presentation is concise. He uses his house as the location for shooting, which makes the mood and tone seem comfortable and chill.

ลงทุนศาสตร์ Investerest

Investerest focuses on articles about investment, stocks, mutual funds, real estate, fixed income, and finance from the very beginning that is suitable for investors or those who are interested in investment.

Highlight points :

  • Diverse Content Category: They provide the content to each target audience by 10 categories as Finance, Investment, Business, Economy, Attitude, Lifestyle, Science, Social Science, Books, and Podcasts. The audience can easily choose to read the content they are interested in by simply clicking on that category.
  • Podcast: ลงทุนศาสตร์ provide podcast for 3-5 episodes weekly approximately 8-15 minutes per episode. They will pick up highlight content that people are interested in especially about both domestic and foreign investment and summarize it to be easy to understand.

Money Hero

Money Hero is a YouTube channel providing content about investment whether in stocks, cryptocurrency, or forex to build good investors communication

Highlight point:  

  • How they present: The style of this channel is like sharing from friend to friend by using easy-to-understand language.
  • Specific Content: The content focuses on investment to attract people who want to study each topic under investment.


LDA World


LDA World provides content through the point of view of a woman who is not a tech guru and has a non-tech background on global changes in technology, future tech, including finance and investment

Highlight point:

  • How she presents: LDA World’s uniqueness is, the production is easy like self-recording. So, the narration is compelling and easy to understand. The mood and tone are bright according to the LDA feminine style that is both confident, determined, and knowledgeable.
  • Content Diversity: The channel provides content in diverse categories such as finance and investment, new technology, technology product reviews including podcast talking about technology that the followers can gain a wide variety of knowledge


ไดอารี่การเงิน – Money Diaries


Money diary provides content about finance, investment, inheritance, insurance, taxes, by the financial professional and advisor that is easy to understand

Highlight point :

  • How they present: The narrative style is informal and the speaker’s tone of voice is easy to listen to and understand.
  • Specific Content: The contents are related to finance and investment. The audience can browse a variety of video clips to study. Each video is 12-15 minutes long.


FINNOMENA is a website to promote and educate on finance and investment by many financial gurus who come and share their experience

Highlight point:

  • Podcast: FINNOMENA Focus on providing content related to finance and investment, especially in the form of a podcast to facilitate people who want to read the content. Audiences are able to choose platforms they are comfortable to use such as Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, SoundCloud, Podbean, and Youtube.
  • Neutral Tone of Voice: FINNOMENA provides “neutral” content to give the best choice for investors to choose from their own perspective

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