GetOut by GetLinks: a rescue app for boring meetings.

There’s a crisis spreading across the corporate world. “We’re having a meeting.”

Research from MIT Sloan Management found the average employee spends about six hours weekly in scheduled meetings. Imagine if you could get back those 6 extra hours per week… Well, imagine no more! 

Introducing GetOut by GetLinks – a rescue app for boring meetings. Sync the app with your calendar and enjoy a bunch of features to get you out of any meeting, fast.

Don’t take our word for it!  Here’s what our customers say:

“Can’t believe they fell for it! I’m out.” 

“What a time saver! I don’t understand what my boss is saying anyway.”

“I used it on a date last week. So long, loser!”

How it works:

  Setup your availability and preferences. Sync GetOut with your calendar: seamless integration with Slack, Google Calendar and Calendly. Then highlight the meetings you hate.

Schedule a dramatic call from a client, a customer or even a workplace harassment committee!

An angry man or woman will scream down the phone, right on time!
Excuse yourself and get out!


Loved your experience with GetOut emergency call? Check out these extra features.

Fire alarm!

Schedule a fire alarm to go off in the middle of the meeting. It’s loud, it’s efficient, it’s liberating. A go-to option for the whole team.


Family emergency. 

GetOut sends a bizarre instant message to your mom. She calls you and demands you to come home. Immediately.


Lousy wifi.

Pre-recorded glitch noises on command. “Sorry guys, it just keeps on breaking up”.


Bathroom Crisis. 

Possibly the best stomach noises compilation in the history of humankind. Oh dear, seems like you are going straight to the hospital!

Stop wasting time, download GetOut today!



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