4 Unexpected Perks Tech Companies Should Offer!

Forget free snacks and pizza parties! Do you want to know what sort of perks you can offer as a company to your candidates that will earn a place in their hearts? We may just have the right answer for you. 

Let’s face it, the ping pong table and endless supply of coffee are getting a little… predictable. While those classic tech perks are nice, they’re not exactly setting companies apart in the talent war. In today’s competitive landscape, it’s time to think outside the beanbag chair and consider some surprising, yet impactful benefits that will truly resonate with tech talent.

  • Mental Health & Wellness Programs 

The demanding nature of the tech industry can have its challenges. Companies can showcase their dedication to employee well-being and foster a more supportive atmosphere by providing access to therapists, meditation classes, or even offering paid sabbaticals for mental health. This would help create a more supportive environment for the employees as well. 

  • Personalized Professional Development

Offer employees customized learning opportunities based on their career aspirations and interests. This could include conference vouchers, mentorship programs, or even tuition reimbursement for relevant courses. 

  • Volunteer Time-Off

It is always possible to have employees that are often passionate about social causes, and allowing them to volunteer during work hours or matching their charity donations helps showcase that the company values their social responsibility – and even gives them a chance to contribute to their social interests beyond their job descriptions. 

  • Flexible Work Arrangements 

This perk is definitely not something entirely new and unexpected but it’s still incredibly crucial.  Offering hybrid schedules, remote work options, or even compressed workweeks can significantly improve work-life balance and attract talent who prioritize flexibility. This could make or break the decision of a candidate when considering joining your company. 

Remember, the best perks are those that address real needs and show genuine care for employees. It’s not about extravagance, but about creating a work environment that fosters well-being, growth, and a sense of purpose. So, ditch the predictable beanbag chairs and embrace these unexpected perks – your future tech recruits will thank you for it!

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