GetLinks ESG Statement

Who and why GetLinks is powering Talents?

Typically, these high in demand talents are from 25 to 45 years old. However, we are moving earlier to university and diploma graduates, and working with companies to intern and bring them to contribute to society in vocation-training mode.  

In tech, there are enough roles for everyone who is willing to re-skill themselves. Over 60% of high school students do not enter the university nor diploma track, thus the new vocational market to prepare and equip students with ready fundamentals are new and huge opportunities, and GetLinks play a key role with education bodies to create the talents supply, and at the same time prepares the business communities on how to integrate these fresh and abundant talents to contribute immediately to real work impact.  

GetLinks’ core social mission is in ‘Financial and Education’ inclusion, thus needing to work with all partners to create value enhancing cohorts of talents coming through each generation, and how humanity is to complement harmoniously to emerging technologies. 

Who are GetLinks’ Clients powering positive impact?

GetLinks has clients from governments, to corporates, to SMEs, to startups around the world.  While the majority are local companies hiring local talents, however a small yet rising trend is in the remote/freelancer work-mode as clients build their ‘distributed-teams’ making the young and abundant talent pool in Asia highly sought after.  

Clients are either already very tech savvy, or traditional businesses that have the urgency to digitally transform themselves for the new economy.  The war for talents, and the urgency to up-skill their existing workforce is huge and they are partnering with us to urgently close the gaps with the market leaders.

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