Online Job Fest Week 1: Tech Spotlight Recap with 5GCT, Bitkub, Living Mobile!


Welcome to GetLinks’ Tech Spotlight Series for “Har Ngarn Hai Nong 2022 (หางานให้น้อง)” University Career Campaign where we will be getting to know all the top tire tech startups of Thailand and their opening positions!

We Started our March off with getting to know about Smart Cities with 5G Catalyst Technologies. Continuing with going deeper into Cryptocurrency and Blockchain with Bitkub. Ending first week’s Online Job Fest with updating the trends on Restaurant Tech with Living Mobile.

Let’s take a recap for the first three!

5G Catalyst Technologies 

5G Catalyst Technologies Co. Ltd., a Pioneer in Thailand Specializing in End-to-End 5G Smart City, Industrial, and Healthcare Solutions. 

Speaker: Ms. Sharinee Shannon Kalayanamitr  CEO and Co-founder of 5G Catalyst Technologies 

5GCT focuses on building, uplifting cities, improving quality of life with Smart City and connecting all organizations’ data. There are two big questions: How would you like to help the local population with regards to the environment and safety? and how to provide information for staff to use in their work more conveniently.”

In the video Khun Shannon mentions Machine learning and AI technologies encouraging  immediate analysis of various situations in the city. This can be monitoring traffic congestion, use of surveillance cameras to track cars as well as the weather conditions such as the current PM2.5 dust issues. 

5GCT believes that Thai tech talents have the potential to grow further just like China, Singapore or Vietnam.

Advice from the CEO

For those who want to work with us, We believe that everyone has the ability to change and would like to create an impact on our nation. So we encourage juniors to keep your ideas fresh, having in mind that problems will have to be solved on the spot sometimes. This is the kind of skills we are looking for in this line of work.

Watch Full Video: 

Want to Join 5GCT?,-ltd–jobs/1 

  • Sales Engineer
  • Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Marketing Project Associate
  • Data Science
  • Data Engineer/ Advance Programming

Bitkub – Being a Blockchain Developer at Bitkub

Bitkub is a new generation digital asset and cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers advanced exchange services to individuals who intend to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies. They are one of the tech startups in Thailand that is closely working with Blockchain Technology and is rapidly growing.  

Speaker: Pattharathon Srithundorn (Lemon) Blockchain Developer Specialist

“Blockchain” A World-Changing Technology 

In the video Khun Lemon sees that Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is one of the hottest trends Due to the younger generations like us, being more interested in untouchable assets. With blockchain, the main trends have influenced people to value ‘convenience’ more. People should not be traveling far to do bankings anymore. Since it’s now an internet era whilst being in the middle of a pandemic, it has played a big part in pushing cryptocurrency and digital money To grow because transactions have to now be faster and more convenient 

Nowadays, we usually see blockchain dominantly in the finance industry. But blockchain has the potential to go a lot wider than that. In the future, it can be in tokens but also supporting the shortening of processes. For example, blockchain can be implemented into trading where you can monitor the imports of products or even in healthcare. 

Senior Advice 

Knowing the basis of finance; including the cryptography of various programs. We must be able to prove that the information is reasonable and can be trusted. In terms of programming If you already have good basic knowledge, it will be easier. However, re-studying Blockchain is not that difficult either, just knowing the definition of commands and requirements will help a lot.

Watch Full Video: 

Be a Part of Bitkub: 

  • Junior Mobile Application (Android)
  • Senior Mobile Application (Android)

Living Mobile – Because Every Meal Has a Story

Living Mobile is a leading mobile application development company crafting a unique, exciting and challenging mobile application project. They truly believe that technological advancements can potentially change the world like what “FoodStory” was made for Restaurant Tech. FoodStory is the simple yet powerful mobile Point-Of-Sale (POS) that lets restaurant owners manage and understand their business in real time.

Speakers: Chawin Supawong Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder

FoodStory Answering the New Digital Transformation of the Food Industry 

In the video, the COO mentions that their solutions help restaurants increase their efficiency in order to increase profit and reduce costs at the same time. Trying to create an ecosystem that connects restaurant data and delivery platforms to help manage orders to reach customers as quickly as possible. 

“To really try to develop a Unique Selling Point, we try to establish a stronger ecosystem of the food industry. But the hard thing for us is how do we continuously improve and keep moving forward?”

Living Mobile aims to integrate SmartPhone/ Mobile into our daily lives. So what are things that people do everyday? One of them is ‘eating’. This is the origin of Foodstory. To present the solution of restaurant making and restaurant management. To help make the restaurant profitable and to upgrade the business further.

Advice from the COO

Understanding the restaurant business is indispensable. TRy to understand our nature and then utilize technology to develop best-fit solutions to help restaurants is the key point of our company. We are committed to developing our own business and growing together internally and externally. 

Watch Full Video:

Join Living Mobile Here!,-ltd–jobs/1 

  • Customer Support Officer (Training & IT Support)

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