Online Job Fest Week#2 With Rabbit’s Tale and Thai Pet Industrials (Ep Recap)

Welcome to GetLinks’ Tech Spotlight Series for “Har Ngarn Hai Nong 2022 (หางานให้น้อง)” University Career Campaign where we will be getting to know all the top tier tech startups of Thailand and their opening positions!

We started our second week by “Breaking the Norm and Building a Tale ” with Top MarTech Agency like Rabbit’s Tale. We also got to learn more about the transformation of using AI and Machine learning, how we can implement them into the designing process of beverage packaging with Thai Pet Industrial.

Rabbit’s Tale – Break the Norm. Build the Tale 

An Experience Agency to create stories and ready to create a legend with your brand.

“What we stand for is helping brands grow. So what does a brand need? or is likely to benefit We will do our best to make Brand get the most out of it.”

Rabbit’s Tale continues to create a new approach of Experience Marketing, maximizing the effectiveness of limitless communications. They are pioneering beyond today’s marketing experience to “Break the norm” of the industries and “Build the tale” together with their partners.

Speakers: Sunard (Mac) Thanasanaksorn (CEO and Co-Founder)

Khun Mac mentions that Rabbit’s Tale is an Experience Agency that aims to enhance better customer experience and build loyalty from both customers and pull in non customers. We focus on analyzing technology to lead to better results, such as collecting customer data, including sales and collectively processing. We come up with solutions that focus on helping our partners and what will actually be the most beneficial to the brand.

In the video, he mentions their new product called “Pickle”. An application that is a platform  dedicated to Influencer marketing and KOLs. Through this new solution, businesses will be able to find the best-fit, track performances and analyze data to get the best out of influencer marketing. Check out the full video to know more about Pickle and Rabbit’s Tale.

Watch the Full Video Here: 

Advice from the CEO

We think that the new generation has the potential to utilize their uniqueness and make a difference. A Growth Mindset is something that everyone should aim to have because our world is changing fast and being able to adapt and be ready to deal with each situation is the most beneficial skill to have. Always be ready to learn and believe that we can grow even more.

Join Rabbit’s Tale to Break the Norm and Build a Tale here!’s-tale-jobs/1 

  • Data Engineer
  • Solution Architect
  • Design Group Head
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Junior Media Buyer (6 month contract renewable)

Thai Pet Industrial Company Limited – Level Up your Package Design with the CUBIC platform

Established 33 years ago, we are now the leader in designing and building outstanding products. Food Packaging used to be made out of opaque plastic and aluminum, making it impossible to see the things inside. Thai Pet Industrials is the first to bring “The PET bottle” which is transparent and translucent, so that the objects inside could be seen. Thai Pet has now established the “CUBIC Platform” to implement AI and machine learning into the process of designing the packages as well. 

Speaker: Piyapong Kuhawan (Product Owner of the CUBIC Platform)

UniTalent (Mc): Phongpak Sanguandeehul

He mentions that they are a company that specializes in making Plastic Packaging such as oil bottles, drinking water bottles, and others produced by plastic. They are now focusing on developing a platform that will allow their partners to design products and deliver them directly to the manufacturer and can also register a patent right away. They aim to support their clients for the whole process of designing their packaging through the CUBIC platform. They have implemented AI and machine learning into the process of designing the packages, valuing convenience and keeping quality.

Check out the video to know more about the app and which kind of technology they have in hand right now. 

Watch Full Video Here:

Senior Advice

We have to love technology and keep updating regularly. Project management and team management We have to go to solve the problems of the team. as well as the understanding of technology that should be used And what parts can we develop?

“Our open position includes Unity Developer doing VR because we now let our customers design products on their phones. But in the future we also intend for customers to design in the famous virtual world like the Metaverse.”

Join Thai Pet Industrials Here! 

  • Unity Developer 
  • AI and Machine Learning Engineer
  • Backend Developer 

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