, Asia’s leading talent network launches Asia’s first remuneration token – ‘LINKS’, steadily moves the future of work to ‘open’… a new era for talents in Web3.

“Web3 is all about being ‘open’ and giving power back to all stakeholders to participate in how the new shared ecosystem is to be developed and sustained,” said Keenan Kwok, co-founder and Group CEO of GetLinks, the digital hiring marketplace covering Southeast Asia to the Greater Bay Area (Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao).

In the future of work and education for the next generation, earnings can be improved in many new ways that didn’t exist even one generation ago. With high-speed broadband, next-generation collaborative tools, and a more pandemic-adjusted working style, there is a growing trend of talents earning even better with freelance, remote and project based work.

The embracing of Web3, creates new career opportunities across augmented reality, virtual reality, NFTs, Web3, fintech, gaming and so forth, with evidence seen as blue-chip firms launching massive numbers of development roles for their web3, in order to win early mover advantages in acquiring users and new revenue models across these new metaverses.

According to Gartner Inc, by 2026, 25% of people will spend at least one hour a day in the metaverse for work, shopping, education, social and/or for entertainment. Meanwhile, Grayscale reports the metaverse will be a $1 trillion opportunity in the next few years as the rate of active metaverse users increased 10-fold between the start of 2020 and June 2021.


With an immersive experience, technology will help build virtual training and experience centers, while virtual learning will be much more engaging and interactive.  Avatars with varying NFTs ownerships may join, invite, interact, share, collaborate and most importantly to “earn” better with fair and transparent smart contracts. This will reduce product development time and cost and see new innovative ways for up-skilling across all professions.

“In Web3, we are already helping people seeking earning, matching them to development or operational roles, interviewing online, getting paid with hybrid currency form, and working… remotely in the open metaverse.  “We advocate to all our talents to be mindful to dress, act and behave appropriately, as it is important for us first generation of adopters to bring our good culture and respect we have learnt growing up, and how to apply them respectfully towards these new web3 employment to customers relationships.” said Mr. Kwok.

The metaverse movement also positively drives financial and education inclusion especially for developing countries with strong digital workforces such as in Southeast Asia. Two important factors in driving employment will each double/triple annually thereby creating exponential growth; first is the abundant new job opportunities from web3; second is the technology that enhances fair, micro, cross border, and tax transparent remuneration.

Mr. Jirayut Supsrisopa, Founder & Group CEO of Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd., the largest and number one digital assets exchange in Thailand and one of GetLinks’ partner, supported that the growing demand for developers needed to work on blockchain and web3 initiatives. “The importance of grooming tech talents early have become undeniable and as GetLinks owns the abundance pool of young trainable talents, our goal to become an international player from Southeast Asia are perfectly aligned”, he added.


GetLinks is opening doors for the more progressive talents who are up-skilling themselves in anticipation of what Web3/4 may bring. Hence, the GetLinks academy is focusing on new knowledge pillars in cybersecurity, blockchain, gaming and data, etc. to ready their talents and businesses towards their successful transformation from digital, to ESG (Environment Sustainability Green), to open web3 and beyond.

The business community collectively has brought blockchain technology and web3 beyond the ‘tipping point’ ,hence GDP related opportunities for employers, employees and job-seekers will be opened up for new blue-ocean opportunities that weren’t available due to previous ‘close’ limitations.  GetLinks’ blockchain-based job matching, talents profile authentication, rewards and retention digital remuneration platform are perfectly fitting and timely for the fast growing web3 open movement.

The company kicked off the successful sale of LINKS Token – Asia’ first blockchain remuneration token – on the Binance smart chain through There are unique employment-related opportunities to receive more tokens. For example, introducing workers to employers earns you LINKS token as bounty reward; earning LINKS as part of employee benefits program; and GetLinks Talents Public Profile connectable with Metamask Wallet, allowing for ‘earn better and spend wiser’ mission.


Mr. Pitchaya Srifah, GetLinks’ Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, said “Talent gaps remain the bottleneck for the region’s growth, coincidentally the war for talents is the same bottleneck preventing a clear winner in the metaverse world today too.  GetLinks is striving to be more ‘open’, while closing this talent demand-supply gap.”


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