LINKS Token exceeding expectations

Exceeding Expectations, LINKS Token and IDO Price Rises on First Day Marking a Successful Launch for and Unprecedented HR Tech Crypto Currency

GetLinks, one of the fastest growing HR-tech platforms in Asia has opened opportunities for technology related talent to seek new jobs across Asia. USA, Europe, and Japan each has US$100 billion of HR market value, while Southeast Asia with 10% of global population has less than $300 million of value.

As part of GetLinks mission to be the HR tech leader serving this underrepresented region for the world, they recently announced the launch the world’s first blockchain based ‘Decentralized Talent Remuneration Network’ and their successful and over-subscribed LINKS Token sale in less than 24 hours; and IDO and ready for first public trading with Binance Smart Chain tradable on Pancakeswap platform, a decentralized exchange (DEX) from 1:00 PM on December 3, 2021.  On the first day, the token price peaked at 80% before quickly stabilizing back at 30% gain.

Mr. Pichaya Srifar, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of GetLinks said that the presale of the LINKS Token from December 1, 2021 to December 2, 2021 on the platform was a great success.  Investors are demanding to buy more than the number of coins initially offered.  This reflects the confidence in the GetLinks project very well as nowadays blockchain technology and crypto currency is becoming more mainstream and plays an increasingly important role in people’s daily lives.  Crypto is optimizing many industries, including finance and investment, but the interesting trend is the link to the employment industry, and how employees are to be remunerated for work from traditional to metaverses.  With the use of blockchain technology in job hunting, there is opportunity for both employers and workers to overcome long standing limitations.

“GetLinks is a blockchain-based job matching and remuneration platform.  We also feature the platform’s own token payout and usage features, LINKS Token, and use AI technology to simplify the job search and matching process.  This format effectively answers the needs of users of the platform as well.  Those holding LINKS Tokens will receive compensation.  There are unique employment related opportunities to receive more tokens, for example, introducing workers to employers earns you a token as a reward.”

Mr. Srifar also said that their technology and tools result in access to a wider market which enables GetLinks to create a better financial and educational platform for everyone.  Blockchain will usher in a new era of fintech solutions that empower talent to earn money and spend smarter.  Additionally, with the emerging metaverse, many companies are starting to take an interest in this phenomenon, including GetLinks, who sees the metaverse as an interesting future in terms of employing and working with metaverse identities in the virtual world of and LINKS Tokens.  GetLinks calls for the joining of any partners and talents that are digitally transforming from traditional to online to gaining first mover advantage in the fast growing metaverse together.


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