Tips on How To Pitch Yourself to Get Your Dream Job


Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you try, you were never selected in the end? Whether it’s for a job application, negotiating with clients or even just persuading your colleagues. 

According to Harvard Business Review, pitching yourself directly to employers will give you an advantage to stand out from other candidates as well as opening doors to your paths. Which is why today, GetLinks has compiled a list of tips to give a better presentation of yourself to successfully pitch and get selected. Let’s get started on the first tip!

Getting the Timing Right to Show Your Passion

Sometimes managers start telling the people around them first about the job openings even before it was advertised. For college students, try to connect with your dream company 12 months prior to your graduation since building relationships can take time. So the faster you approach them, the easier it will be for them to see your passion which might lead to opportunities. 

Make Sure You Do a Good Preparation

Practice makes perfect. You will definitely feel overwhelmed while being in an interview since you might be worrying about making good first impressions as well as presenting the best sides of yourself. A good preparation includes researching about the company beforehand. For example, what are their goals for the upcoming year and how your skills can support that. You can even make a script for it and keep practicing to know it off the top of your head. This will create an image that you are a valuable addition to the company. 

A Good Method of structuring your script: S-T-A-R Method

    • Situation: Describe the context of the situation you were in.
    • Task: Explain the task you had to do in that situation to solve the challenge.
    • Action: Explain what you actually did and how you solved it.
    • Result: End with the results or the accomplishment of the efforts you gave.

Be Clear and Confident 

It is important to start strong! You can either prepare some unique values that grab their attention from the start. You can also utilize your voice as well. Sometimes spoken words do not trigger attention since it uses only one of your senses. But with confidence and a stern voice, it can trigger other senses and convey your enthusiasm as well. 

Body Language Speaks More

It has been estimated that 75% of the time, messages are conveyed through body language and communications can be non-verbal. When talking to employers or giving presentations, try to avoid crossing your arms, hands held behind your back or in pockets and pacing your speed. Make sure that your posture is opened and moving naturally to show that you are confident and well prepared.

Keep Connecting With Employers

After the interview, you can connect with the interviewers through Linkedin or email back to thank them for their hard work. This stage might not be compulsory, but it is a good way to show your passion and that you are very interested in working there. You can also put yourself into a place where employers can see you to bring in more opportunities such as the GetLinks AI Job board to meet with all the employers and to connect with them as well.


Pitching yourself to employers may not be as hard as you think, but you just have to learn about yourself and to be confident that you are just as capable as any other people to be able to present the best self of you to the employers. Follow us for more tech updates and more tip compilations like this as well as joining our AI Job board to find the best opportunities to your dream job.

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