Why Organizing Your Desks Will Make You More Enthusiastic to Work?

If you are the type of person who cannot start working until everything on your desk is organized. We are friends! 

As many people turn to pay more attention to decorating their desks, especially with the increasing trends of working from home. Noticed from the Facebook Group: Set up a computer desk, with nearly a hundred thousand group members where the group members take turns sharing their beautiful table-setting ideas to inspire others.

Why does desk decorating make us feel like working more?

  1. A sense of privacy and your own space: By having a do-it-yourself desk decoration, it creates a sense of ownership of the space. Research has shown that this feeling can increase our productivity by 32%.
  2. Workflow is smooth and uninterrupted: Based on a study, Office workers actually work no more than 3 hours because they may be distracted by other stimuli around them, especially working from home itself makes it easier for us to focus. For example, social media notifications, when the equipment you need is not where it should be, that’s why the table setting should be proportional with clear categories of items to help the workflow flow smoothly and does not cause distraction.
  3. Lower risk of body pain: Optimizing your working area according to Ergonomics that is suitable for your body, will help reduce physical injuries caused by sitting in the wrong position for a long time that might contract body parts such as the neck, shoulders, back, arms or legs without knowing it. However, when we feel more comfortable, it results in making work no longer boring.This is to create a working environment that is suitable and supportive when working, and in fact, there are also many suggestions that help build productivity during your working hours as well.

How to Create Productivity While Working?

  1. Keep a clean area: in a messy area while having to see things being misplaced, such as rubbish or paper scraps, can lead to uncomfortable feelings and is easy to distract your concentration. Take a few minutes to put everything in place after work, this will help you feel good about starting work the next day.
  2. Decorate the space with colors to enhance the working environment: The colors that suit the working environment the best are blue and green. Try choosing your devices’ wallpaper from these colors, or even placing a plant nearby will make you feel more comfortable which enhances your productivity as well.
  3. Limit the amount of time you use social media: as notifications are a big factor in distracting us from our tasks, placing conditions for yourself such as checking other notifications every 2 hours or responding to messages from the work-related platforms.
  4. Separate work area and personal space: Working at home for a long time may prevent us from separating work and personal spaces. As a result, people can feel burnout quicker along with endless work or having no clear time frame to stop. Try to draw a clear timeline and push yourself to complete tasks during working hours only and allow yourself to have good quality time to fully relax. This helps create productivity as well.

Working towards your career goals is a good thing to help us achieve the future we want. Nevertheless, we must not forget to take care of our own physical health by creating a healthy working environment and behaviors that promote smooth working progress. Maintaining a healthy body is something that should be prioritized and done.

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