GetLinks x Ascend: Job Opportunities to be The Part of Future (Hiring Now!)

During the Covid-19 situation, it is commonly known that job positions are limited and hard to find. Nevertheless, IT-related positions are increasingly being in demand. Therefore, GetLinks and Ascend proudly present all the captivating openings in relation to IT as well as from other fields along with extraordinary perks and benefits for joining their community and the specific details for our readers to dig deep into their recruitment process as well as their working culture. But before we get to the current openings, let’s get to know who Ascend is first!

Who is Ascend?

Ascend is more than just a family to many technology companies: it’s about being part of the change to better create opportunities for millions of lives and businesses in South East Asia. Ascend believes that technology can enhance the quality of our ways of lives from work and business to how people can play or do their daily routines. As a result, Ascend has collaborated with many affiliate companies to ensure that the goals are achieved. 

Ascend is part of True Corporation & CP Group with three main business divisions. Here are some familiar names you may know: 

  • Ascend Money: TrueMoney, Ascend Nano, Ascend Wealth, Ascend Assurance Broker
  • Ascend eCommerce/ E-Procurement: Wemall,, Pantavanij, GoodChoiz, Ascend Travel, egg digital, aden
  • Data/Cloud Service: True Internet Data Center

What is the Spectacular Lifestyle at Ascend?

Ascend is known for their innovative mindset as well as having a diverse working community which might be an obstacle in their working process. However, it seems like Ascend has executed their organizational culture very well which has led to the rise in employee satisfaction even during the pandemic. The culture they have established includes: 

  • Be The Best You, Be Part of the Future: Ascend’s motto of always striving for development and growth through technology and connectivity of the Ascend community whether it is knowledge sharing or frequent communication. 
  • Be Flexible and Adapt: Trying to always make the best out of every situation. Ascend used every resources available to overcome the Covid-19 situation whether it is 
  • Respectful Culture: Every individual is treated fairly and are always welcomed at Ascend, regardless of gender, age, race beliefs or ethnicity. Embracing multi-national talents.
  • Be Accessible, Appreciative and Visionary: As a result of having a diverse community, Ascend believes in listening more but expresses with confidence, values the resources available and to always look forward. 
  • Be Passionate: Always be ready for challenges and do not hesitate or regret to showcase your talents as well as always being curious with lots of questions. 

During the COVID pandemic, Your Safety is the First Priority

Ascend values the health & safety of their employees, both mentally and physiologically. 

  • 100% Work From Home: Work From Home policy at Ascend started from April 2021 and they are looking forward to a completely new way of work in the near future once the pandemic situation gets better 
  • Always open for opinions and challenges to be listened to: sharings can potentially become an improvement in their operations.
  • Activities to support working from home stress: Ascend acknowledges the stress staff may be experiencing resulting in several engagement activities such as their ‘Feel Good Friday’ session where employees can enjoy activities ranging from virtual get together to mindfulness sessions and much more, to keep everyone connected while being relaxed from their hard work as well as not being able to physically meet with colleagues. 

What Does the Ascend Developer Team do?

Developers team at Ascend believes that opportunities can be created through world-class platforms and services. Developers are usually in charge of the technical parts like developing, analyzing, maintaining, and improving spring boot, testing, Android, iOS, web, and their products and to make sure users get the best experience out of their services. 

Mr. Staporn, the Head of Engineering at Ascend, mentioned a culture within the tech team as:  

  • A user-oriented mindset: every decision will be made for the best of their users for high-quality service.
  • Data-driven team: making rational decisions with reasonable explanations for the most appropriate outcome.
  • Open to different opinions as well: ready to discuss new ideas or new technology. Nevertheless, all suggestions should be fully understood to prevent issues that no one can fix, linking back to rational decision-making for the best outcome. 

Why is Being an Ascender So Exciting?

To add up more why Ascend is an attractive workplace to work with, these benefits will encourage all the candidates or anyone to work with is us & being part of a successful story 

  • A chance to work with the biggest Ecosystem, a large-scale E-Wallet platform in Thailand. 
  • Managing / building a platform that serves 10 ++millions of lives to create life opportunities for all through our innovative financial services, e-commerce, and cloud platforms.
  • Unstoppable opportunity to learn & be trained on the upcoming new technology and uplift the leadership and people skills such as the First time manager program etc. 

How is the Application & Selection Process?

As for the developer team, applicants are expected to go through a few rounds of interviews; of course with the Engineering team to check on skills and HR for the culture fit. This is to ensure the candidate will be successful in the role as well as enjoying work-life by being their true selves

With the difficulties during the ongoing pandemic as well as the growth of the digital world, Tech jobs are becoming more well known and interesting. Ascend, a large-scale Technology company brings you all the best opportunities, technologists can ever ask for so APPLY TO ASCEND NOW with GetLinks!!

Apply Now!

The opportunity is in the palm of your hand! Read more on the Job Descriptions and Qualifications for each position here:

Engineering Team

  1. Senior Java Developer (True Money)  52,000 – 135,000 THB
  2. Senior iOS Developer (Ascend Commerce) 68,000 – 135,000 THB
  3. Senior Android Developer (Ascend Money) 68,000 – 135,000 THB
  4. QA Engineer 52,000 – 135,000 THB

Tech Ops Team

  1. Senior Incident Management (True Money) 52,000 – 102,000 THB
  2. Head of Service Management Center (True Money) 141,600 – 278,000 THB
  3. Head of Platform Operations (True Money)  141,600 – 278,000 THB

Architect Team

  1. Software Architect (True Money) 89,600.00 – 177,000 THB
  2. Solution Architect  89,600.00 – 177,000 THB

Data Platform Team

  1. Data Service Engineer (True Money)  52,000 – 102,000 THB

IT Security Team

  1. Security Advisory (Penetration Tester) 68,000 – 135,000 THB
  2. Security Specialist (Security Operation) 52,000 – 102,000 THB

IT PM Team 

  1. IT PM & Cost Management  89,600.00 – 135,000 THB
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