Tech hiring made simple: Introducing GetLinks Marketplace.

GetLinks, the largest tech talent network in Asia, announces a new format of tech hiring platform.

Few could have imagined just ten years ago that billion-dollar tech businesses would emerge from South East Asia, revolutionizing transportation, shopping, and entertainment. But there is a threat to the region’s burgeoning potential – the tech talent crunch. Tech talent ranging from software engineers to data scientists are in higher demand than ever before, but the supply cannot keep up with the demand.

Surprisingly, there has been a remarkable absence of innovation in the sector. Technical recruiting in South East Asia has always been about job boards, boutique agencies or solo headhunters. They take their time and charge around 20% of a candidate’s first-year salary for the privilege.

Companies face thousands of dollars in recruiting fees. Business owners, employees, and shareholders hated the system. Recruitment agencies embraced it.   

It has become clear that organizations must embrace new methods of recruitment if they are to thrive. Moreover, technology is set to do what technology always does – disrupt.

It’s time for a change. Introducing GetLinks Marketplace.

Tech hiring made simple, fast and reliable.

GetLinks exists to support Asia’s growing tech industry, that’s why we’ve created an adaptive marketplace model: easy, transparent, and tailored to your needs.  Big corporations, small businesses, and startups can now access the biggest tech talent pool in South East Asia and find a perfect match for every job opening.

No more complications and outrageous recruitment fees. Choose an option that suits your needs: interview and hire tech talents on your terms.

Technical roles are hard to fill, but GetLinks candidates are ready and waiting to match. Access more than 100,000 tech talents that are open to opportunities, chat and schedule interviews instantly.

Pay for each talent you hire or hire as many people as you want for a flat rate. Sign up and get instantly matched with the right talents for the job, thanks to our proprietary matching algorithm.

Don’t search – get matched with the right talent.

No more search! We match, you approve.

Let the tech do the magic: our smart system-assisted matching algorithm delivers the right talents in a snap. The algorithm uses your Job Details input to find talents suited to your specific needs: salary range, location, skills, language, role, and specializations.


Learn how GetLinks can help your business grow by booking a demo!

Why GetLinks?

We use cutting edge tech, but we always put humans first.

Getlinks is a platform and ecosystem connecting tech talents to opportunities across Asia.    

Curating the biggest tech talent community in Asia, we’ve built a support system that helps our talents unleash their potential. Getlinks help talents compose profiles and update their skillset with upskilling courses.

Don’t take our word for it!

Our platform empowers organizations to match with the right tech talents effortlessly. Over 3,000 organizations including Line, Accenture, Alibaba, Garena, and Grab trust  Getlinks when it comes to hiring tech talents.

Browse, match and schedule interviews, risk-free! 

Start building your dream team today.



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