7 Online Schools to Help Boost Your Resume

Gain your XP and Level Up!

Looking for a job this year? If you’re stuck waiting on responses, it might be a good time to try boosting your resume by learning new tech skills that will impress. But even if you’re not looking for a job, some of the classes offered are perfect for people who just want to try something new or those that need a refresher course. And we’re not talking about going back to school – all the opportunities listed below are given online, usually self-paced, and some of them even have mobile apps so you can learn from anywhere with internet connection.

If you want to raise the stakes, many of the courses also award certificates upon successful completion so you can proudly add that achievement to your GetLinks profile. Some of the certificates are also certified by companies like Google and Cisco, adding even more weight to your resume.

Here’s a list of some of the best websites to increase your XP so you can level up.


1. Codecademy

Topics Covered: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, CMD Line, SQL
Enrollment Options: Free; 7-day Free Pro trial; Pro Membership (Paid); Intensives Program (Paid)
Price Range for Pro: 15.99 – 19.99 USD per month
Platforms: Web, Mobile (iOS, Android)

Codecademy is great for beginners who want to learn how to code. Their free courses cover the basics in programming languages like JavaScript, Ruby, and SQL. There’s also an introduction to blockchain and even a course on how to use the Watson API, IBM’s AI system. If you want to continue learning, their Pro membership allows for a syllabus with more advanced courses and projects to test your skills. But if you’re looking for focused courses with support, take a look at their 6-10 week Intensive Programs, which also provide a certificate to show off.



2. edX

Topics Covered: Computer Science, Data Analysis, AI, Blockchain, Web Development, and many more
Enrollment Options: Free (no certificate), Paid (with certificate), MicroMasters Program (Paid), Master’s Degrees (Paid)
Price Range for Paid: 50-300 USD per course
Platforms: Web, Mobile (iOS, Android)

edX is one of the most famous non-profit MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) on the internet. They’ve partnered with institutions and universities like Harvard, MIT, and IBM to provide courses covering an incredible range of subjects. Most of the courses are free if you don’t want a verified certificate and are self-paced as well. They cover topics like Python for absolute beginners, Microsoft’s Introduction to AI, and machine learning for data science. If you do want a certificate, the price will vary, but edX also offers financial assistance for 90% off to those who qualify. You can level up even more with their “MicroMasters Programs”, paid graduate courses that provide an intensive study into areas like AI, automotive technologies, and even IoT. edX even offers multi-year Master’s degrees from Georgia Tech and the University of Texas at Austin — all online, of course.



3. Coursera

Topics Covered: Software Development, Mobile and Web Development, Information Technology, Machine Learning and many more
Enrollment Options: Free to audit (no certificate), Paid (with certificate), Specializations (Paid), Master’s Degree (Paid)
Price Range for Paid: Varies by course
Platforms: Web, Mobile (iOS, Android)

Like edX, Coursera offers courses from universities and companies from all over the world. For free you can audit almost all of their courses, getting access to the lectures, forums, and course material. You can learn about Agile with Atlassian, Robotics from the University of Pennsylvania, or business cybersecurity, all for free. Their platform also offers an exclusive course, “Google IT Support Professional Certificate”. Designed by Google to prepare students for an entry-level job in the IT support field, the certificate takes about eight months to achieve and is 49 USD per month. Their prices for certificates vary by course and specialization, but you can apply for financial aid if the course offers it.

4. Skillshare

Topics Covered: Data Science, Game Design, IT Security, Web, and Mobile Development, and many more
Enrollment Options: Free (no certificate), Paid (no certificate)
Price Range for Paid: 8.25-15 USD per month
Platforms: Web, Mobile (iOS, Android)

If you’re not interested in certificates and just want to learn something, Skillshare could be the platform for you. Anybody can create a course, which does have its risks, but generally, the courses are well-done and informative. The stream of new teachers/courses also means that their content won’t be quickly out-dated like some other learning platforms. Their free tech classes aren’t as obvious as the paid classes (it’s a single link at the bottom) but they cover a wide range of introductory courses over skills like Python’s Django framework, blockchain, and how to make an e-commerce website with WordPress. If you do go for a paid subscription, it gives you access to all of their courses, so not a bad deal!


Did you know: GetLinks talents get 2 FREE months of Unlimited Classes on Skillshare. Access thousands of online classes for free!


5. FutureLearn

Topics Covered: Business Technology, Data Science, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing
Enrollment Options: Free (no certificate), Paid (certificate), Graduate Diploma/Masters Degree (Paid)
Price Range for Paid: 30-90 USD per course
Platforms: Web only, but the site is optimized for mobiles and tablets

Like many on this list, FutureLearn is partnered with many top organizations and universities worldwide. You’re able to enroll in the majority of the classes without paying, however you’re unable to take any course tests, and there’s no certificate. Under their free plan you will get access to quizzes, videos, peer review, and any other additional course material, but up to 14 days after the completion of the course. Their current tech courses are somewhat limited compared to the other platforms on this list, but they still cover topics like robotics,  network security, and they even have a course on “Internet of Things for Active Aging.”



6. OpenLearning

Topics Covered: Cyber Security, IoT, AR/VR, Systems and Network Administration
Enrollment Options: Free (sometimes with certificate), Paid (with certificate, only certain courses)
Price Range for Paid: Greatly Varies Depending on Course
Platforms: Web only

Launched in 2013, OpenLearning is a special platform on this list. The Australian platform is the only one that offers Malaysia’s MOOC catalog. There are also courses from Australian universities offered. The course offerings are also a little limited in the tech area, but they have courses about cybersecurity, AR/VR, and cloud computing. Some of the courses also offer paid certificates.

7. GreyCampus

Topics Covered: Project Management, Data Science, AI&ML, Power BI, IoT, Programming, Python and more
Enrollment Options: Free (no certificate), Paid (with certificate), Free(CodeLabs)
Price Range for Paid: Varies by course
Platforms: Web and mobile (iOS, Android)

GreyCampus is a provider of training for working professionals. They provide training in various domains like Quality Management, Project Management, Data Science, Big Data, and Service Management. Codelabs is an openly available browser-driven platform to learn, understand and practice programming introduced and supported by GreyCampus. It is beneficial for beginners as well as advanced programmers. Codelabs presents a convenient and accessible environment which helps you to learn a new programming language easily.





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