The Highest Paying Tech Jobs in Thailand

Tech Jobs

Spoiler Alert: It’ll make you seriously consider a career as a developer.

It’s 2018, and well-established that the tech industry is the highest paying when it comes to remuneration.

Ever wondered how much developers make in Thailand? We combed through GetLinks, and found the highest paying developer roles currently on the platform, alongside the experience and skills needed.

“You can make money and you can make excuses, but you can never make money out of excuses.”
  1. Senior iOS Developer — 105,000 THB
    4 years’ experience, Swift
  2. Cloud Backend Engineer — 98,000 THB,
    4 years’ experience, Python, Node.JS
  3. Senior Android Developer — 85,000 THB
    4 years’ experience, Android Java
  4. Senior Full Stack Developer — 67,000 THB
    3 years’ experience, C#, Full-Stack Development
  5. PHP Senior Web Developer — 60,000 THB
    3 years’ experience, JavaScript, PHP
  6. PHP Engineer — 55,000 THB
    3 years’ experience, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL
  7. QA Automated Test Engineer — 50,000 THB
    3 years’ experience, Test Automation, Web API, .Net, C#, Java
  8. Mobile Developer, 48,000 THB
    2 years’ experience, JavaScript, Angular.JS

Are you a developer? Surprised by these figures? Let us know in the comments below!

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