Updated! Top 5 Remote Jobs in 2022 that do not require you to go to the Office!

Due to COVID-19, many companies have had work from home expansion for their employees to decrease the risk of infections. Some companies have decided to set up permanent remote working, especially in some positions, as they have seen the efficiency of working anywhere. Good news! This change creates an opportunity for some careers to fully work remotely with a high demand for recruitment this year. Are you wondering what positions they are? If you are, let’s check them out together. 

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Let’s get started with thr Top Remote Job Opportunities in 2022 that does not require you to go to the office!

1. Cybersecurity 

We have to admit that digital transformations are significant to businesses these days. However, working from home may give employees access to an unsecure Wi-Fi network. For this reason, encountering cybercrimes and cyber threats is undeniable. For instance, hacking websites, spreading malware or viruses or invading private databases. According to PurpleSec, the cyber security experts, it demonstrates that cybercrimes increased by 600% during the pandemic. 

To protect and decrease the risks of cybercrimes, companies need someone to deal with it. Yes, it’s Cybersecurity. This person will defend computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks.

Skills Needed: problem-solving skills, technical aptitude, knowledge of security across various platforms, attention to detail, communication skills, fundamental computer forensics skills, a desire to learn, an understanding of hacking. 

Est. Average Monthly Salary: ฿78,000 – ฿83,000

2. Digital Marketing / Digital Marketing Specialist

No surprise if we see that Digital Marketing is on the top of the growing remote jobs list in 2021, carrying on to 2022. We are recently spending time online more and more, whether by using social media to communicate with people, shopping websites, online meeting services, etc.

DataRepotal reported that the number of internet users in Thailand increased by 7.4% between 2020 to 2021. These circumstances increase the marketing and PR spaces to focus on digital marketing as a prime strategy. Businesses also have considered that digital marketers can do their job efficiently by remote working. 

Skills Needed: data analysis, content creation, SEO & SEM, CRM, communication skills, social media knowledge, basic design skills.

Est. Average Monthly Salary: ฿33,000 – ฿43,000

3. Data Scientist

As well as stated in GetLinks Salary Report, many companies need Data Science to decrease or eliminate the unpredictability for companies by utilising scientific approaches, frameworks, algorithms, and procedures to extract insight from a massive amount of data. 

As Data Scientists, they will set up a tech company, coming up with a great product, simplifying traction building, declining computing costs, cloud storage and the easy accessibility of distribution platforms for reaching target audiences. As long as they get in their seat, they are ready to onboard. The workplace is not a problem for them at all.

Skills Needed: Python programming, R programming, Hadoop platform, SQL databases, Machine Learning and AI, Data visualisation, business strategy, communication skills. 

Est. Average Monthly Salary: ฿43,000 – ฿157,000

4. Software Developer

Since we have been in the digital world, technology and software have become essential. Moreover, we intend to rely even more on software in our daily life during the pandemic. As we have realised how necessary software is, organisations also see how valuable Software Developers are. Software Developers are the key to this role with a dedication to creating the procedure, designing, deploying and supporting software. Subsequently, the increase in hiring Software Developers is continuing as well.

With reliable organisations expected, many developers have been working more hours than usual and have had to quickly adapt to work from home and cope with their home broadband connection. Flexibility, agility and work environment can help developers be well-performed.

Skills Needed: Mathematical aptitude, problem-solving skills

programming languages, time-management skills, attention to detail, an understanding of trends, teamwork, self-development skills. 

Est. Average Monthly Salary: ฿42,000 – ฿70,300

5. Designer (Web, Graphic, Product, UI / UX)

In 2021, the design holds a lot of importance in marketing. It is impossible for businesses to be able to communicate with the target audience without visuals. More importantly, considering the high number of internet users nowadays, this is a chance of launching products or services to the target audience via social media, websites or even applications.

As to compete with competitors, businesses would better pay attention to design in digital marketing. Designers will help the content or message be more intriguing. 

In addition, as designers undergo ideas and visualisation, they will require agility to compose their work, so no need to have designers in an office all the time. After brainstorming, the team can let a designer work independently.

Skills Needed: Design software, design principles, ideation, creativity, communication, visual communication, problem-solving skill, User Experience design, teamwork, time management. 

Est. Average Monthly Salary: 

Web Designer: ฿30,000 – 55,000฿

Graphic Designer: ฿29,000 – ฿60,200

Product Designer: ฿40,000 – ฿65,000

UI / UX Designer: ฿32,000 – ฿58,000

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