GetLinks Announces Breakthrough Cooperation with depa and Top Universities

Launching “Find Jobs for New Grads” campaign Offering tech and IT career opportunities to new graduates Paving a way for a qualified tech workforce.

GetLinks, Asia’s leading tech talent network, teams up with Thailand’s Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa), 20 top tier Thai tech startups along with the country’s six top universities: SIIT Thammasat University, Kasetsart University, Chulalongkorn University, Srinakharinwirot University, Suan Dusit University, and Bangkok University to co-launch the “Find Jobs for New Grads” campaign. GetLinks believes that this major collaboration will provide job opportunities in the fields of technology and IT for new graduates across the country, so GetLinks brings 20 top tier Thai tech startups seniors who graduated from six top universities to share their own experience and working opportunities to support their juniors.

Dr.Ratthasart Korrasud, Senior Executive Vice President, Digital Economy Promotion Agency said that another key obligation of depa is driving digital manpower to serve the digital economy is to promote and support the development of digital human capital. According to statistics from The National Statistical Office, there were about 630K unemployed persons in Q4 of 2022, with 380K formerly employed employees, 2.5M newly unemployed people, and 1.2K new grads. depa and partners believe this will inspire new grads in IT to find jobs. They also consider the economic climate caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in a lack of digital line jobs and an increase in unemployment.

In 2022, depa has continuously been pushing for new digital skills creation projects with partners to support those employed after graduation in the digital technology field to support the needs of the digital industry by paying 50% of the salary for up to 12 months of new graduation or already graduation in IT sectors that have not been graduated in over two years as a way to create digital line job opportunities for new grads.

According to Mr. Pitchaya Srifah, GetLinks’ Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, GetLinks is the leading HR tech platform and ecosystem connecting tech talents to opportunities across Asia. To achieve the company’s commitment to create opportunities for tech and IT personnel, while empowering employers to discover potential talent, GetLinks has teamed up with depa and Thailand’s leading universities to launch the “Find Jobs for New Grads” campaign. GetLinks not only has an extensive connection of organizations in Thailand and in Asia, which offer tremendous career opportunities to graduates, but they are also the leader in human resource technology, so-called AI Job-matching, connecting qualified applicants to suitable positions with matching interests. The company has also piloted the blockchain integration and token technologies project for cryptocurrencies-based compensation in several countries around the world.

The “Find Jobs for New Grads” campaign aims to support recent graduates and offer them career opportunities in the fields of technology and IT including information technology, e-commerce, engineering, banking, marketing & public relations, telecommunications, and transportation & logistics. Over 50 open positions will be available in major Thai companies in the IT business, e-commerce, energy, finance, and banking segments that will reach more than 20 top organizations and to fill more than 50-80 positions with recent college graduates. Currently, six universities participate in this program including Thammasat University, Kasetsart University, Chulalongkorn University, Srinakharinwirot University, Suan Dusit University, and Bangkok University. More than 300 students have signed up for the campaign.

Moreover, depa announces that it will award a “depa scholarship for digital learning” to three select recent graduates in the form of a 12-month stipend.

In addition to the “Find Jobs for New Grads” campaign, GetLinks will also host the “Online Job Fest,”. The event comes with several practical ways for job seekers and human resources departments to communicate more easily. Moreover, participants will have an opportunity to view an interview of gurus sharing their startups’ experiences and knowledge via a Streaming Channel. During the online Job Fest, GetLinks also cooperates with Future Skill as their partner to do the “Career Classroom” which supports candidates to level up themselves by some short videos. True Digital Park as the community partner providing free co-working space to the students who completed their profile on GetLinks platform.

The Online Job Fest will also stream presentations by previous graduates who currently work in the tech field, sharing knowledge and experiences with younger audiences. Meanwhile, employers can also present their profiles through the “Offline University Tour” and give students a chance to get to know their dream company’s HR team and learn how to prepare themselves before applying for a job. Employers can take this opportunity to meet new candidates and search for talent.

Registration for the “Find Jobs for New Grads” campaign is now open for employers, universities, and recent graduates at The event will be held from 9th, Mar. to end of May.

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