Top Skills Employers are Looking for in 2022!

Sometimes it can be hard to fit everything into your A4-sized resume right? How can we write our lifelong story into just a piece of paper? So you might be wondering what kind of appealing points you should put in your resume in order to stand out, especially in 2022, where it is hard to find jobs. 

After the rise in technology usage as a result from the ongoing pandemic, companies are actively searching for a specific set of skills that will benefit their latest changes, including hard and soft skills. This is the starting point to know what you can include in your resume. 

Hard Skills vs Soft Skills  

Skills can be categorised into several categories; hard and soft skills. Hard skills are the technical knowledge that are usually gained from experiences in both your career and education. In other words, expertise that will help with the job you are applying for. Soft skills are characteristics or traits that determine how you work. It is also known as ‘people skills’ or ‘interpersonal skills. 

After getting to know the difference between the two, let’s take a look at some of the most demanded hard and soft skills employers are looking for in 2022!

Hard skills 

  • Data Analytics

The pandemic has introduced more technology-based ways of not only working, but the ways companies can deliver their service. This means that data and statistics will help them with more strategic decision making where performance is now relying on analytics. It is best to at least know how to read and work around with sets of data in any industry. 

According to GetLinks Salary Report 2021, Data analysts was also ranked first for being the most demanding position in the Southeast Asian market. We expect to see it grow even more in 2022. 

  • Cloud Computing

Cloud services is one the the best solutions for businesses to keep running in the midst of lockdowns. Work-from-home policies are limiting offline meet ups and cloud systems such as Google Drive for file storage or Slack/Zoom for virtual communication. 

According to Technojobs (2022), Linkedin reported cloud computing to be the most desired skill for the past three years, and rocketed after the pandemic. It is an appealing characteristic to put in your resume. 

  • Cybersecurity 

As mentioned, the increasing usage of the internet has led to the increase of cybercrime as well. This includes phishing scams, fraud, hackings to harassments and spams. This resulted in organisations paying more attention to their corporate information security, making candidates with this skill employable. Technojobs (2022) mentioned that 40% of the board of directors are likely to have a cybersecurity committee dedicated to them by 2025.

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Soft Skills 

  • Adaptability

When the whole world went into working-from-home mode, employees had to work remotely. Not only have the ways of work changed, but there was lots of reorganization of staff as well as the increase in technology adoption.

 In order to keep the business running, employees had to adapt themselves to every new tool that they had to use during lockdown or tune in with new colleagues that they have never even met in person before. As well as newcomers where they have to fit in with the new culture despite being at home. People with good adaptability can appear very outstanding to companies. 

  • Emotional Intelligence

Linking to the previous point, team restructuring happened a lot due to different circumstances. This means that goodbyes have to be made along with unfamiliar resources being thrown at them. This requires patience; to learn all the new materials or to teach new members for them to fit in and vice versa. It also requires empathy; where newcomers might need a lot of support or colleagues that might be having a hard time. Candidates with high emotional intelligence won’t only stand out, but they will also be able to stay with the company for a long time as well and that is what companies want. 

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