6 Influencers for Healthcare for You to Follow


Nowadays, COVID-19 prompts increased focus on self-care for people. This has led to the increasing awareness of a healthy lifestyle for themselves as well as for their friends, or relatives.

Therefore, we have compiled up to 6 influencers that are releasing health-related content for you to follow, including Facebook, Youtube, and on Podcasts to emphasize that “having a healthy lifestyle is not far from reach and very important”


Mark Hyman

Mark Hyman

[445K subscribers]

Doctor Hyman is the #1 New York Times bestselling author, a family doctor, and a global leader in Functional Medicine. His podcast, The Doctor’s Farmacy, provides discussions of interesting issues about modern healthcare, well-being, nutrition, and politics. New episodes will be released every Wednesday.

Doctor Mike

Doctor Mike

[7.61M subscribers]

Doctor Mike is a certified medical doctor. He is a healthcare influencer with more than 13,000,000 followers. His goal is to make the field of medicine relatable, easy to understand, and fun.



DrAmp Team

[445K subscribers]

Dr. Amp is a doctor from Bangkok Hospital. He provides content related to health, medical practices, and the correct ways to look after yourself regarding food consumption. In addition, the content invites several medical staff and guests to personally share their experiences in this field to help increase health awareness in our society.

Highlight points : 

  • They summarise content into one short video. The content is interesting and fully packed with useful knowledge.
  • The contents are well-provided in many formats e.g. podcasts,  Facebook posts.
  • High credibility content since the presenter himself is working in the medical field, especially from a hospital with a good reputation.

Thai PBS : Rong Mhor

The channel “Rong Mhor” invites medical specialists from different departments to share and update news about different diseases and conditions as well as topics including relationships, psychology, veterinary, nutrition, and etc

Highlight points : 

  • Variety of contents including podcasts, blogs, news posts and activities, live radio giving the followers a wide range of choices to choose as their convenience and interests.
  • The duration of each VDO is approximately 26-28 minutes which is considered a reasonable length to attract listeners. 
  • Currently, there are up to 476 podcasts recordings available to fully enjoy without disruptions.


Mhor Lab Panda 

“Mhor Lab Panda” is one of the famous Facebook pages in Thailand. He is known as a very entertaining Medical Technologist that provides a wide range of very informative health content. On his fan page, the content mainly focuses on the health information that is accompanied by humor that attracts people’s attention.

Highlight points : 

  • The content aims to fully educate viewers about health and well-being that includes entertainment and creativity, grabbing a lot of attention from the general public up to 2 million followers.
  • They also aim to provide content that relieves the stress of viewers by including entertainment.
  • Frequently update on their health content which is mainly based on the ongoing situations, allowing followers to always be up-to-date with the latest news.



ooca is a Facebook page established by a media platform between psychiatrists, psychologists and patients or people who have mental problems and want to talk to the doctor. They focus on educating about healthcare especially mental health

Highlight points : 

  • They deliver content about mental health based on interesting events
  • Followers can continuously update their knowledge with their daily content.
  • The topics are trendy and interesting issues.

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