Top 5 HealthTech Companies (Globally and in Thailand)

HealthTech is rising and helps facilitate Healthcare, especially in the New Normal era that visiting the doctor is much convenient and safe. Just only having the Internet and smartphone to access Healthcare technology!

We have gathered 5 leading HealthTech companies both in Thailand and globally here;

Global :

Touch Surgery

Touch Surgery is an application that aims to facilitate the learning process for surgeons through their innovative 3D demonstration feature, available for numerous surgical specializations. All information and content on the application will be provided by numerous universities. The application will clearly demonstrate each step of the surgery process, allowing users to follow the stages by clicking or tracing the picture and actions shown along with a separate test that consists of different specialties from general plastic surgery, heart surgery to Craniotomy. 

Touch Surgery is initiated by a group of surgeons that has a vision of implying technology into the healthcare industry, especially in the learning process, since it can be a way to reduce training costs such as the costs associated with making a cadaver available. In addition to the provided exercises, there are also various advice and extra helpful facts as well as feedback after each surgical practice for users’ further improvement. Currently, Touch Surgery is being involved in the teaching process at Imperial College London and is in the spotlight of up to 8 VCs, leading to total fundraising of US$ 21 Million.

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HealthBridge was created since there was an increasing demand for financial support, where the main objective is to provide more affordable and accessible healthcare services to the community. Their service includes giving financial support to staff in an organization as well as a copay feature that is implemented into their monthly payment plan such as reducing the interests associated with their card bills. HealthBridge operates with a proper IT ownership that covers both the internal and external payment of the users with a health plan submitted to their organization, even without a registration form.

A significant benefit of HealthBridge as a service is that it reduces the chances of healthcare avoidance due to high expenditure but may result in bigger costs in the future. Employees with long-term health issues will also negatively impact an organization’s productivity, suggesting that HealthBridge will financially support the employees from the start where the service will ensure and protect them from potential health issues beforehand. Moreover, the service also helps ease the complexity of the invoice and payment processes as well.

When employees have received their requested care, HealthBridge will immediately pay the bills and send all the monthly receipts, combined in one account, to show transparency and avoid confusion where employees can play their part in advance or according to their plan as well. 




Babylon is an application that enhances the convenience of doctor appointments. To consult or check common symptoms by combining advanced AI and broader technology. with the best human expertise to create a new, better health care model, providing accessible and affordable health services in the hands of everyone and video consulting services to people across Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Babylon ships through the devices people already own. To make healthcare more affordable. Technology is helping alleviate the burden of doctors. Automate their routine and allow doctors to focus on caring for the patients who need it most. It also uses technology to get started and help people know more about the disease so they can make informed and healthier decisions for longer.

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Doctor Anywhere

Doctor Anywhere is an online doctor meeting application that users can use on this platform. to be a medium for directly consulting health problems with medical professionals that available via smartphones or tablets in real-time. It supports both iOS and Android operating systems. The doctor can diagnose the initial symptoms along with recommending treatment guidelines as well as delivering medicines to service recipients

The new service is online mental health counseling. Allows users to consult a licensed psychiatrist. By booking a video consultation appointment via the Doctor Anywhere app. Users can receive a 60 minutes consultation from anywhere and any time. Each call is encrypted on both sides. so that patient records are kept confidential. The service fee is also 50% cheaper than a doctor’s visit on average.

The highlight of Doctor Anywhere is that it perfectly responds to the lifestyle of working people who travel frequently. Patients can make doctor appointments and consult a doctor in real-time via video call. Encourage patients to have the opportunity to access treatment promptly If the patient has a medical condition such as a complex disease or a specific disease. The patient must travel to receive additional diagnosis and treatment at the hospital.

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Good Doctor Technology

Good Doctor Technology (GDT) is a HealthTech company, emphasizing its vision of ‘One Doctor for One Family in SEA’ and is officially partnering with Grab to launch its new service, GrabHealth. Their main purpose is to connect medical staff to patients to serve high-quality healthcare and enhance patients’ accessibility to healthcare, without geographically discriminating against any patients. 

Good Doctor Technology (GDT) in Indonesia was created from the collaboration of the big 3 corporations including Ping An Good Doctor from China, Grab from Southeast Asia, and SoftBank from Japan. Ping An Good Doctor is considered as the biggest Chinese telemedicine application to its size and its wide coverage of users, currently recorded at approximately more than 72.6 Million users per month along with up to more than 373 registered accounts, making the application globally well known for its incredible coverage amongst the long-distance medical service industry. The Platform software they own utilizes ‘transportation technology + AI’ to support the medical team with more than 2,200 people with various associated specialists, to be able to serve 24-hour online healthcare service daily.




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